The bicycle highway

The bicycle highway

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Imagine one bicycle lane 60 km long and five meters wide, where about 2 million people can travel by bicycle every day, thus saving fuel and living more and more with zero impact. In Germany it does not take imagination to conceive all this, in fact a project has been proposed by the Ruhr city transport company. The first motorway for bicycles it will be built on a lane parallel to one of the busiest motorways in Germany, the A40 which connects Dortmund to Duisburg, in the heart of Ruhr, one of the most populated areas in the country.

The stretch that will be joined by the bicycle lanedue to the intensity of the traffic that is generated daily, it has been nicknamed "the Autobahn of snails". Jens Hapke is the manager of urban transport in Ruhr and comments on the project of the Radler B1, the first motorway for bicycles: “more than two million people live in the area, many of whom already today often prefer to use bicycles rather than cars to commute every day". The intensity of traffic and the constant red dot triggered a mechanism that sees the population prefer the bicycle to the car. Certainly a more ecological, healthier and cheaper means of transport. There Radler B1 it will be paved, it will take place entirely on flat land and will be free from intersections and well lit.

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