Like working in a park

Like working in a park

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Volunteering but always keeping an eye on the job offers proposed online, keeping up to date on the administrative practices of the Park Authority for which you intend to work and placing as much experience as possible. These are the first steps to understand like working in a park. The park ranger's job is too idealized, unfortunately, contrary to the aspirations of recent graduates, work in a park it does not only mean knowing the reproductive cycles of the animal or plant kingdom, rather it means knowing every administrative aspect of the entity for which you intend to work. Those who graduate in a naturalistic discipline hope to to work in close contact with nature, in an idyllic landscape, but soon he will understand that he will have to spend much more time carrying out administrative procedures rather than observing fauna and flora. A preliminary step, strongly recommended, is to fill out a volunteer request. Before work in a park, try to understand what this professional figure does and do it through volunteering. Inquire at the park authority closest to your home, ask if there are any programs for volunteering and log in.

While waiting for a region to propose the competition announcement, study the procedures for administrative disputes, principles of administrative law, make sure you know the environmental characteristics of the park where request is made; it is important to be aware of the legislation on protected areas and have a good knowledge of ecology. To acquire the necessary knowledge, there is no need to buy piles of books, go to the regional park authority where you want to work and ask for the material you need. You can usually leaf through the manuals on site or make photocopies so you can study them comfortably at home. At this address you can find the updated calls for to work in the main Italian parks.

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