How to fight Internet addiction

How to fight Internet addiction

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Many internet users, especially those whose work guarantees them a continuous web connection, have encountered excessive use of the network, giving rise to a real pathology: internet addiction. When it comes to internet addiction, the public treats the issue with great superficiality; it should be noted that there are considerable similarities between internet addiction and classic drug addiction: first of all there is the feeling of not being able to resist the urge to implement a certain behavior, immediately followed by a certain emotional tension, a feeling that precedes the immediate start of the business. Plus, just like with older addictions, there is pleasure and relief during the implementation of the behavior with a consequent "loss of controlAnd finally, there is the persistence of the behavior even though there have been some negative implications which in the case of drug addiction are both psycho-social that physical, while in the case of internet addiction, they are above all psycho-social (although it has been shown that using the computer for too long can cause extensive injuries tendons of the arms, hands and wrists).

Who suffers from internet addiction comes to neglect his profession as well as his family. It is an antisocial dependence that alienates the individual from society and projects him into a telematic world. The subject is completely dissociated and this is supposed to be the main factor that leads to addiction, evasion. Fighting Internet Addiction it's possible, it's a new one pathological addiction but since the concept of "physiological dependence" is missing (there is no active principle acting on your brain receptors), the subject can fight internet addiction even only with one's own strength.

The first thing to do is not to lose touch with the real world. If this has already been lost, the subject will have to buy it back by increasing the number of outdoor activities and decreasing the number of hours spent on the computer. In this path it might be useful to use a timer for using the computer. Excessive use of Internet it can be the consequence of a hectic life that leaves no room for rewards, it is good to look for gratification outside the monitor. Even if the internet for a long time has been the solution to anxiety or apathy, it will be good to find alternative non-dissociative activities, so as to keep you more focused on the present and on the things around you (concept that is lost when you browse for hours) .

THE addicted to the internet they often forget their hobbies and passions. It is better to dust off your memories and identify the things that once involved and thrilled you. That way, the next time you hear the compulsive need to use the computer, you can replace the harmful activity with a more constructive hobbies. An addiction is really harmful when it begins to invalidate your life, so if you perceive a decline in your work performance caused precisely byexcessive use of the internet, take a few steps back. The strategy of turning off the computer as soon as the operations of primary importance could be very useful, this would avoid the vicious circle that begins with a "i go on facebook for just a minute“, “I only check private messages"… and so on. The internet can be a great ally, it's true, but remember: no addiction is our friend.

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