American Saddlebred horse: characteristics

American Saddlebred horse: characteristics

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The American Saddlebred horse it is a horse that comes to us clearly from overseas and has a rather adventurous history and a good reputation. It is often called "the horse produced by America" ​​and is very popular in its homeland also because its robust physique lends itself to many uses.

American Saddlebred horse: origins

This equine breed created in America derives from the crossing ofGalloway horses, of Scottish origin, and i Hobby horses, instead coming from Ireland. These two animals arrived in North America together with the colonists of the British Isles and were crossed on the spot giving rise to new breeds through selective crosses and with purebloods. This selection activity was carried out mainly on the east coast of the States, a Rhode Island, and thus was born the Horse American Made ", or the horse" made in America ", our American Saddlebred Horse that played a prominent role even in a very important historical moment for that territory, the Civil War.

If we go back through the process of creating these horses, we find among their ancestors some breeds that are also the basis of the birth of others, such as the Narragansett, impossible to find today, or i Canadian Pacer who are the ancestors of several other American breeds such as trotters and Tennessee Walking Horses. Among the ancestors of ours Saddlebred there are also i Morgan, always considered excellent horses knows work, very strong and resistant to fatigue.

After participating in the American Civil War, this breed was also used in other sports and circus activities, also because the American Saddlebred horse he has a physique not only powerful but also very harmonious, therefore he showed off both his beauty and his agility in the shows, moreover he was also very obedient and good at learning new exercises.

To preserve this precious breed, the American Saddle Horse Breeders Association was founded in 1891 in Louiseville, Kentucky (American Saddlebred Horse Association since 1980) and the breed-specific herd book was created, thus giving life to the American Saddlebred.

By continuing to participate in competitions, this horse stands out in different disciplines such as eventing, trail, riding, dressage, Combined Driving but we find it still used even in non-competitive activities such as in riding schools, thanks also to its intelligence and sweet and meek character. Born in America, the American Saddlebred Horse has also made itself known elsewhere and has been exported in Australia, mainland Europe and South Africa where we find records belonging to this breed.

American saddle horse: characteristics

As for height at the withers and as weight, the measurements are average, it can be tall from 152 to 163 cm and weigh from 450 to 540 kg. It is called an American saddle horse because its characteristics and aptitudes make it ideal to be ridden. It has a small head and a very fine straight profile, a lean jaw and a rounded snout. The ears are small and very straight while the eyes are large and expressive. The neck is arched and long and connects with the withers which is prominent. The profile of the back is straight and long and connects to the muscular and well sloping shoulder. The croup is horizontal and the tail has a high set, the chest is broad and deep. the aplombs are not always very correct. As for the limbs, this horse has long forearms, thin shins, and well-detached tendons. The pastorals are long and inclined, the feet little ones, well conformed.

American Saddlebred horse: character

As we have already widely understood, this horse has a wonderful character, docile and intelligent, calm and friendly with humans. And he is willing to learn so he is very easy to train.

American Saddlebred horse: diseases and pathologies

There are health problems that can be encountered quite often in this breed which are the stiff and hock Lumeness and the Ringbone and Sidebone. In the first case it happens that the way of moving of this breed, although very elegant and fluid, can lead to lameness problems in the hind extremities, and consequently pain and weakness. Ringbone and Sidebone are two conditions that occur in the front hooves of a saddle horse where calcium deposits are created above the level of the Saddlebred's coronary band. Again all this causes pain and lameness.

American saddle horse: aptitudes

Intelligent, receptive, elegant, versatile and resistant, this horse has spread very easily throughout the United States since the nineteenth century. They were previously used in field work or for towing carriages or simply to be assembled. From the nineteenth century they began to be seen as valuable animals and were allowed to participate in the county fairs of the United States. They participated in the Civil War and then were again used for even competitive equestrian activities. The American Saddlebred horse can also be understood as a horse, for horse riding and company and can perform well activities such as raising cows.

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