How to remove snails from the garden

How to remove snails from the garden

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How to remove snails from the garden: all theremediesto remove snails from crops. From iron phosphate to coarse salt, from traps to catch snails and anti-snail barriers.

The snails they may seem cute and harmless animals, however they are able to ruin our harvest: how many gardeners have ever found a lot of snails in their salads or in cabbage and cabbage? This condition is really irritating. Not everyone wantsdelete them with specific biocides and that is why today we will see how to remove them from the garden first with natural remedies and then we will move on to "hard ways".

How to keep snails away

The snails they love cool and shady environments; they preferably move at night, when they can devour sprouts and young seedlings undisturbed, especially in the garden.

Particularly voracious are the snails without the snail, that is the slugs, which fortunately become harmless in case of hot and dry weather. To ward off snails, we can use both natural and chemical remedies, the latter however contain harmful substances. If you don't want to kill snails you can move them manually by placing them away from the vegetable garden. forcatch land snailsyou can use ad hoc baits and traps.

Remove the snails with the coarse salt

Between natural remedies more effective for fight snails we find the coarse salt: just create strips of salt along the area of ​​our cultivated area. To ensure its effectiveness it is necessary to replace the grains often, as they tend to melt with moisture.

Coarse salt can help us create an anti snail barrier, however it can raise the salinity of the soil making it inhospitable for our crops. For this reason, we advise you to use coarse salt only in non-arable areas of the land such as the edges of flower beds.

Snail barrier

Others natural remedies consist in creating a barrier protective with sand, coffee grounds, ash, egg shells and sawdust: however, be careful to treat the entire area carefully without leaving empty spaces to prevent snails from entering. If there are gusts of wind or rain, renew the barrier, otherwise it would be ineffective.

Natural remedies to remove snails from the garden: DIY traps

Another very effective method is represented by beer, even if this involves their death. Beer is an excellent bait and it won't be difficult to build one trap in order to eliminate snails from the garden.

The method consists in burying a glass full of beer with the edge flush with the ground. Snails are strongly attracted to beer therefore, within a couple of days, you will find several drowned specimens.

As bait, instead of beer, you can use bran mixed with water.

Trap to catch snails

In addition to the DIY trap, it is possible to use perforated containers, much more capacious and that go tocatch snailsof land without killing them.

These traps take advantage of lures such as beer. Among the various traps to catch snails we point out one that is aesthetically nice, with a green color and above all with a good value for money as it is resistant and reusable an infinite number of times.

The trap should be placed in the garden, near the vegetables, among bushes or grass. Beer is placed in the container that can, with its perfume, attract snails. The snails, once inside the container, remain trapped.

The trap in question can be bought on Amazon at a price of 12.28 euros and free shipping costs. The package includes two traps that you can place in the garden. For all information on the trap to catch land snails, I refer you to"This Amazon page".

Wood ash in the garden

The ash obtained from the combustion of wood in the fireplace or stove is very useful in the vegetable garden. Thanks to the ash it is possible to fertilize the garden (it is rich in potassium) and, at the same time,drive away snails.

If you are wonderinghow to get rid of slugs and snails, just sprinkle your crops with ash. As mentioned, you can mix the ash with the coffee grounds but, this time, instead of creating a perimeter barrier, spread it among the crops of your garden.

How to remove snails from the garden with natural repellents

For drive away snails we can resort to some plants that act as natural repellents. Some plants, in fact, are annoying for snails: this is the case of nettle, cress, chervil and yellow mustard. Just let these plants grow on the edge of the garden or between one row and another, to protect our vegetables.

Biological fight: which animal eats snails?

Which animal feeds on snails? The natural predators of snails are the hedgehog and the lizard. If you are not growing strawberries (the lizards could ruin your harvest) to keep the snails away from the garden, you could encourage the development of a small colony of lizards.

Snails, how to eliminate them with iron phosphate

Who wantseliminate snailscan use a snail-killing bait based oniron phosphate. It is a "natural" remedy as iron phosphate is allowed in organic farming: it is considered harmless for crops and lethal for snails.

Where to buy iron phosphate to kill snails? At agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. TO "this Amazon address"A 1 kg pack of iron phosphate in granules (lethal for snails and slugs and safe for pets, allowed in organic farming) is offered at a price of 9.35 euros with free shipping costs.

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