How to strengthen the immune system in the time of the coronavirus

How to strengthen the immune system in the time of the coronavirus

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It was at most due to the influence of the season or on the occasion of some trip that we were wondering how to strengthen the immune system, while today it is a question that arises almost every day since our lives have been turned upside down by coronavirus, a virus that made us close at home and become a little more attentive to personal hygiene. While we live days in quarantine or in any case respecting the restrictive measures that have been imposed by various governments to try to stem the contagion, we begin to build a different self-awareness, about our habits and what is good or bad for our health.

In addition to the virus, the protagonist of these months is undoubtedly, and will continue to be for a long time, ours immune system. How does it work and how can we make it work best? We can do something to help him defend our health or we are powerless. The good news is that we play an active role in all of this, we can make healthy choices and contribute to our health. There are no certainties, as we learned in fight the coronavirus, but there are indications that most experts agree and that we can follow day after day. Let's find out what they are.

How to strengthen the immune system: what not to do

Let's start by going to exclusion, that is, avoiding doing what we know can harm ours immune system which works less efficiently for example if we have an undernourished body or if ours diet it's patchy and we don't get enough protein. Indeed, proteins are very important for the production and functionality of glycoproteins which are a fundamental part of the immune system.

Age certainly weighs on immune system but we can do little in the fight against time, we try to age well and not prematurely. It is also recommended not to smoke and not to abuse antibiotics, medications that should only be taken when extremely necessary and following the doctor's prescriptions.

How to strengthen the immune system in the time of the coronavirus

That's right, every day all day, this has to stay in our heads, because it's not taking a medicine or a natural remedy that we fix everything. There are many activities and actions that help us to keep our immune system healthy and to strengthen it. If this is what we want, let's get ready to review all our habits to see if they are constructive for us or devastate our defenses.

We are wary of the many products that jostle on the market, promising to "strengthen the immune system" because it is a false promise. Most of the things to do are trivially everyday things that we can sum up with "a healthy lifestyle". From food to sleep cycle, to the balance between work and family. You need to eat right and on a regular basis, you need doing physical activity and not to be sedentary, it is necessary not to undergo sudden changes in temperature, it is necessary to sleep the necessary hours. If we follow the directions, we don't need extra products to strengthen our immune system, which gets along on its own, if we are its allies in everyday life.

How to help the immune system at the table

Let's start to better see how we should behave at the table by marking ourselves which foods can be interesting. Garlic and ginger, they say, for some time, but is it an urban, peasant legend, or the truth? Also in this case, even at the table, there are no miraculous remedies but a general reasonable conduct to take. Let's not start putting garlic everywhere and drinking centrifuges seasoned with ginger as if it were the elixir of long life because what you really need is eat well, 5 times a day, lots of vegetables and fruit but with a fair and significant amount of carbohydrates and proteins that must never be lacking. We check in our diet that they are never lacking antioxidants, contained in blueberries and black grapes but also more simply in tomatoes and rice, wholemeal. Proteins should not come from meat but rather from fish or legumes, and vegetables should be especially green.

In this regard, you may also be interested in our article with a list of 10 foods for the immune system.

How to strengthen the immune system by drinking

In addition to a lot of water, we can also drink juices, but without it becoming a mania. If we want to integrate our breakfast, or a snack, with a freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice, I don't see anything wrong with it, just don't delude yourself that it's a magic potion that keeps viruses away. More than the juice or juice, once a day, we can pay attention to the consumption of fruit and vegetables in general, making sure to provide the right supply of vitamins and mineral salts, very helpful to the immune system. Seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit, rich in vitamin C and vitamin D are to be preferred.

How to strengthen the immune system with hygiene

Today more than ever we have learned on our skin that hygiene is very important to defend ourselves against infections, bacteria and viruses. Our hygiene is that of the environments we frequent, and of the people we meet or with whom we live and share spaces and time. Washing your hands is essential, but it's not enough. We pay attention to our clothes and the objects we touch. After the coronavirus probably many of us will have learned the lesson but it is always better to reiterate. Too much hygiene can cause allergies but with measure we begin to become more loyal in the controls without getting tired. We clean the house and air it, we change clothes when we are at home, we wash often, hands and more, and we do not put our hands in our mouths or faces.

How the immune system works

Before you understand how our immune system works it is good to specify how it is composed. It was once thought to be concentrated in the bone marrow but that's old story. Today we are aware that the immune defenses are scattered throughout the body, imagine them as a squadron deployed almost everywhere to defend us. There are cells that protect us, others that react to attacks but all are essential. The body of a healthy adult can boast two types of immune response: that innate nonspecific and that acquired or adaptive and specific.

In the first case, that of the innate, the defense that is triggered is the one we have since childhood and reacts to any enemy it has identified. It is natural, it is the response that our body gives when the external environment somehow attacks us. There immune defense acquired specific concerns a precise external agent and is not immediate like the first, it is born and evolves over time starting from the first contact with the enemy.

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