Anti-stuffy bowls for dogs: when and why

Anti-stuffy bowls for dogs: when and why

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The owners know well that the tendency to gorge is very common among dogs, among puppies but also among adult dogs and the my Labrador more than three years is proof of this. He almost seems to suck in food, he doesn't chew it even by mistake and in three seconds each meal disappears from my sight, among other things not filling it at all. Not that it bothers me personally, but I would not want this voracity of his to create digestive problems as well as possible suffocation, since he is not very careful about what he is eating. There are many ways to slow down food intake and chewing, one consists of the anti-gorging bowls for dogs, but it's not the only one. To try to lend a hand to all the owners who like me watch helpless every day at the spectacle of the devouring dog, we will illustrate the various possibilities because sometimes you have to try them all to find your own way.

Why a dog devours food

Before we see the solutions, let's step back and investigate briefly how this voracity is born, what it may be due to. The reasons can be very different, sometimes the dog thinks that they can steal food in front of his eyes, perhaps remembering when he was part of a very competitive litter, or because he had a bad experience as a stray that makes him think that it is not said. that the meal is always guaranteed.

Of course, when this habit does not pass, the dog can be affected and have gods consequent physical damage. In the first instance, on the spot, the first risk is suffocation, in addition to vomiting, but in the long run, some digestive problems, on the one hand, and of aggression, on the other. Anti-slaughter bowls for dogs are the most convenient solution to this problem, but before buying one, if you prefer to try some tricks at home, here are some

Anti-cutting advice

To understand if these tricks they work, let's choose the most feasible and convincing ones for the situation we are experiencing and let's try them for a week at least, to see if they really give results.

Small portions with every meal. If the dog is unable to take breaks, we oblige him by imposing them on him because we will give him smaller portions, maybe even more frequently. This limits the danger of vomiting and digestive disorders and can somehow eliminate the habit of eating quickly and swallowing food without chewing. Alternatively we can feed our dog directly from our hands but it is really uncomfortable and very often it is the dog who does not particularly appreciate this approach.

Wet foods, better than dry ones if we want to limit the tendency to greed. They are less at risk of choking and easier to digest because they have a higher moisture content. However, sometimes it is not possible to take advantage of them too much because they are much more expensive and also higher in carbohydrates than dry food.

To try to educate your dog at a correct pace in eating we can also do our best make an anti-gorging bowl for dogs in the house. We can use a food mat and distribute the food in different sections so that the dog is forced to stop and move to eat all of its dose. If you don't have any at home, you can also buy it on Amazon at prices much lower than those of the bowls on this page.

Much more simply we can also take advantage of the environment around us and spread the food in the garden, so the dog has to look for it in the grass. There are those who also turn to a behaviorist to address the root problem and understand if it is a symptom of a much greater discomfort. Of course, to apply these tricks it is necessary to have time, patience and strength, because the results are never immediate.

Anti-stuffing bowls for dogs

If the tricks have not worked and your dog continues to gorge himself like nothing has happened, you just have to buy one of those ingenious bowls that prevent the dog from brushing a meal in seconds. we can find them both online and in pet shops and there are various types of bowls. Most models have bumps of different sizes that force food to settle on the edges of the bowl itself and the dog not to gorge and choke. There are many sizes, because not only large dogs have this tendency

With these bowls they invite you to chewing it promotes proper digestion by avoiding gastric torsions and intestinal gas, but that's not all. having to look for food in the depressions also stimulates the dog's brain activities by keeping his brain active, taken by the throat.

If you want to try one of these bowls, we can buy one on Amazon where there are several and excellent quality. This is light and not bulky but effective. This is cheaper and more fun. This is metallic for those who don't want too much plastic in the house.

At the same time, it is very important to know that these bowls are not suitable for all breeds because those with short noses, just to give a trivial example, often cannot feed on them. Think about Pekingese, Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Boxer. If you have a dog like these or with similar characteristics, and greedy, you can only try to re-educate him to eat without swallowing food.

How to teach a dog to eat

If we are dealing with puppies, we can act with greater agility and physically remove them from the bowl when we see them overdoing it. With an adult dog you need more patience. We begin to create a serene atmosphere before and during the meal so that the animal does not feel the minutes are running out and is not afraid that someone will steal its bowl. We wait for him to sit down and stop jumping excitedly before giving him the bowl trying to get him to acquire a composed attitude. Another tip is to put a simple ball in the bowl and let the dog get through croquettes and ball. He will have his business, he will have some fun and I will learn to breathe between one bite and the next.

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