Diarrhea in dogs

Diarrhea in dogs

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Diarrhea in dogs, more frequent than desired, but not always severe. Much depends ondog feeding and how robust he is in health. This problem can hide trivial causes but also pathologies to be taken seriously, especially if it lasts several days and is accompanied by other symptoms such as vomiting.

There Diarrhea in dogs makes him appear strongly prostrate, his feces may contain traces of blood or appear darker than usual: if so, we are not faced with a transient diarrhea and it is better that we contact a veterinarian immediately.

Diarrhea in dogs: what it is

Not much different from that which affects us and our fellow men, the Diarrhea in dogs it is a defecation disorder that leads to an evident increase in the daily quantity of feces and above all a variation in their consistency. They become more liquid and / or creamy, of those that - said by the dog owner - it is not possible to collect with the classic bag when the dog is out for a walk and does it on the sidewalk.

Diarrhea in dogs: symptoms

Symptoms of the Diarrhea in dogs they are more than visible and it does not take an expert eye to understand that the animal is not well. Having said that, we can grasp the nuances of the disorder, just by paying attention to what the feces assume. They can be very light yellow or other shades up to blackish.

The darker they are, the more likely it is the dog is also excreting blood that mixes with feces, if it comes from the first part of the intestine we are faced with a more serious pathology than that which involves streaks of bright red and more distinguishable blood. In this last case it is a inflammation of the colon, often accompanied by mucus enveloping the stool itself.

Diarrhea in dogs: causes

Among the numerous causes of Diarrhea in dogs we may find some trivial and others more difficult to imagine and disturbing. The most frequent are i too sudden or repeated diet changes, food allergies or intolerances, an unregulated diet with leftovers from the table, foods not suitable for dogs and bone remains. Even the presence of parasites such as Ascaris, Tapeworms, Whipworms, Giardia, Coccidia in the intestine can cause Diarrhea in the dog as well as lymphoplasmacellular enteritis.

More rarely, the onset of diarrhea is a sign of pancreatic insufficiency, ingestion of toxic substances or poisons or infections, bacterial and viral. It is a wide-ranging discussion that must be deepened by placing your dog in front of the veterinarian, also because there are some breeds that are particularly predisposed to this disorder. One above all is the German Shepherd, due to the fact that often suffers from a deficiency of IgA in the intestine and pancreatic insufficiency. There are even small breeds that are affected by diarrhea such as Yorkshire and i Maltese.

Diarrhea in dogs: remedies

There is no "universal" remedy for Diarrhea in dogs, depends on the causes and the state of health in which the animal has been reduced. If it is not particularly tried and we were able to realize immediately that something is wrong.

A light diarrhea it can be treated with probiotics, lactic ferments and stool thickeners. Be careful though, the lactic ferments must be those for dogs, not for humans, and the diet must be lighter while taking care of the Diarrhea in dogs.

In the presence of bacterial forms, with vomiting or fever, the administration of an antibiotic, if then the diarrhea becomes constant, then with the help of the veterinarian it is necessary to deepen with stool tests, ultrasound scans, blood tests, hormonal dosages and, if we really do not understand it, there is always the intestinal biopsy. To prevent, however, we can use one of the numerous and valid products that we find on the market such as Drn Enteromicro, with 32 tablets for the intestinal health of our animal

Diarrhea in the puppy dog

Most often it is a eating disorderwhen the puppy suffers from diarrhea. I'm not saying to neglect it, no, but not to dramatize it immediately because the liveliest eat a bit of everything and immediately get diarrhea.

For our part, let's start immediately educate the puppy not to swallow everything like a vacuum cleaner and to educate ourselves. There are some things not to do in case of diarrhea in dogs, starting with do-it-yourself care. Let us remember then that a drug for men and women is not always suitable for dogs, indeed, it can even damage them, an example is Imodium which in both dogs and cats causes a lot of discomfort by slowing down the intestinal transit of feces.

Another human remedy not to be applied for dogs is the rice-based meal which can also create the opposite effect. If we find that the Diarrhea in dogs it is due to an incorrect diet, let's not rush to change it abruptly because the animal has to get used to it slowly, otherwise it gets worse.

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