How to plant calla lilies

How to plant calla lilies

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How to plant calla lilies: instructions for planting calla bulbs or planting a potted or garden plant. From flowering to colors, from varieties to the care to be dedicated to the plant.

Calle, bulbs and plants

The classiccallais the white one and its scientific name isZantedeschia aethiopica. Therewhite callait is appreciated for its elegance, its whiteness and the timeless beauty of its flower. The plant can reach significant heights and even exceed 160 cm. There are many white-flowered varieties of this species, some suitable for cultivation in pots (such as Zantedeschia aethiopica minor variety or calla nana), only 30 - 40 cm tall and others with shades.

Who wantsplant colorful calla lilies can cultivate other species of Zantedeschia, Zantedeschia rehmannii, for example, is onepink callapurple shades, the Zantedeschia elliottiana has a yellow flower (yellow calla) and, in addition, there is no shortage of hybrids on the market that are proposed with flowers of the most disparate colors. We thus have thepurple calla, the blue calla or calla with mottled colors.

To grow calla lilies in pots, varieties with a maximum height of 30 - 40 cm are generally used. The potted calla lily is certainly a beautiful plant, however, if grown in planters, it can return bush-shaped groups that give, year after year, many colorful flowers.

Where to plant the calla

Therecallaprefers bright areas but sheltered from the sun. It can be successfully grown even in the shade of a larger tree, the important thing is that it receives a lot of light but never direct sunlight.

How to plant calla lilies

With the arrival of spring it is possibleplanting the calla liliesin the garden or in pots. In this period, in fact, it is easy to find already flowered potted calla lilies on the market bulbs to plant.

The month of April is the right one for planting the calla lily plants in the garden, repotting or planting bulbs. Both in pots and in the ground, fertilize the calla lilies throughout the growing season, adding liquid fertilizer for flowering plants every 20 days.

How to plant calla bulbs?Burying them at a depth of about 7 - 8 cm. Distance between plants or pot size depends on the variety grown.

For small calla lilies, that is, that do not develop beyond 40 cm in height, a vase with a diameter of 20 - 25 cm is sufficient. For calle 50 - 60 cm in height, it will be necessary to use a vado with a diameter of at least 30 - 35 cm.

If you wantplanting calla lilies in the gardenand obtain flowering bushes, leave 35 cm between one bulb and another.

After aveplanted the calla bulbs, irrigate the soil and keep it moist until the first sprouts have appeared.

Calla in bloom

Theperiodof thefloweringit runs from late spring to summer - early autumn. The potted calla lilies that you find on the market since early spring or even at the end of February, are calla planted in pots and for this reason they already have flowers. If kept outdoors, the calla lilies will bloom between the end of spring and the beginning of the summer season.

Where to buy colored calla lilies

If you are looking for calla bulbs to plant in the garden or in pots, you can turn to the most well-stocked nurseries, garden centers or take advantage of the online purchase. For example, "to this Amazon page "you can find a vast assortment of species and hybrids, even the rarest varieties such as two-colored calla lilies.

How to cure calla lilies in winter

In late autumn or with the arrival of the first cold winters, the aerial part of the plant begins to dry out: the leaves wither and when they are completely dry and withered, it will be possible to extract the tubers and store them in a cool and dry environment.

Those who live in southern Italy, those who want to grow calla lilies in pots or those who, in any case, have good soil where there is no stagnation, can leave the calla bulbs in the ground, buried.

In this case, cut the shriveled leaves and cover the soil with a layer of soft soil and straw.

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