How to overcome anxiety

How to overcome anxiety:techniques to overcome anxiety and practical advice for introspecting and completely overcoming anxiety without drugs.

Wet hands, a heart beating at full speed, trembling legs, stomach ache ... these are the most common symptoms ofanxiety. When it comes to showing up for an oral exam, job interview, acting on stage for a performance, public speaking at a seminar, etc… do you feel paralyzed? Do not worry in this article we will explain how to overcome anxiety with some professional advice.

How to overcome anxiety in 6 steps

1. Think positive.

Don't build catastrophic scenarios. On the contrary, imagine a situation that gives you peace of mind, then dwell your thoughts on something concrete that gives you happiness, such as your partner, to some success obtained in the past. This will strengthen self-confidence.

2. Don't generalize

Do not allow a failure of the past to become a universal rule. Therefore repeat in the mirror every morning that each new experience is an event in itself.

3. Reduce any stress stress

Learn to say no to your friend if you are not predisposed. Don't take too many responsibilities.

4. Relaxation techniques

Every evening, before falling asleep, perform relaxation and breathing exercises with soft music in the background and in low light; It has also been shown that exercising and sleeping regularly reduces stress and lowers blood levels anxiety.

5. Change your diet

It begins with the gradual elimination of coffee, stimulants, chocolate, sugar, tobacco, alcohol, caffeinated drinks, analgesics and energy drinks. These substances can reduce sleep hours and increase stress levels.

6. Strive to improve

A good way to improve self-esteem is to compensate where we know we have an edge. If work is a disaster due to the climate in the office and your source of anxiety is work, you need to resign yourself to the idea that you cannot change things but you can certainly find another source of gratification such as a hobby. . If, on the other hand, social relationships make you anxious, aim to improve by doing one step at a time, perhaps by going out first with your friend / or more intimate and then expose yourself to society in their company.

Overcoming anxiety in psychotherapy

Sometimes for overcome anxiety the support of a psychotherapist / psychologist / psychoanalyst is required who must be chosen carefully and informed appropriately.

Our advice is to privilege a psychotherapist who can suggest a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic path so as to overcome anxiety without drugs. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be useful for the early stages of the recovery process from anxiety.

Start onepsychotherapyit's a huge step to start withtake care of ourselvesand overcome any problem: anxiety is often a symptom of a more widespread condition of psychological malaise. Aware of your discomfort, you can begin to recover a balance through specific techniques and with the guidance of a psychotherapist.

The first thing to do, alone or in psychotherapy, is to understand why theanxietyit is manifesting itself in this period of life. In other similar circumstances, have you already suffered from anxiety? What has changed since then? Is it anticipatory anxiety in view of specific events or generalized anxiety?

L'anxietyhepanic attacksthey are the manifestation of the most vulnerable part of our psychic sphere. L'anxiety it is communicating something to us and can be interpreted as an opportunity for growth and elaboration. In this, psychotherapy can be very helpful.

How to overcome anxiety

Don't think you are experiencing a miracle and seeing anxiety vanish out of the blue. Of course, in theory this can happen (in the case of an elaboration) but if you do not introspect and are not working in psychotherapy, it is much more likely to be able to overcome anxiety one step at a time.

Learn to live the days by accepting the events that arise, without a tight schedule. It is right to organize your commitments but without falling into obsessions and above all avoiding fixed daily appointments and fast paces.

Dwell on what your needs are and learn to recognize what you like and really satisfy you by what you do to be appreciated by others. Social relationships can be a source of anxiety but they must not be demonized for this.

Bach flowers to relieve anxiety

To relieve anxiety, stress and related tachycardia, it is possible to take advantage of the active ingredients that nature offers us, in particular we recommend a dilution with different Bach flowers: Gentian, larch, Gorse, Scleranthus and Walnut.

THEBach flowersor Bach flower remedies are natural remedies widely used to sleep better, relieve anxiety, manage stress in the most acute phases and counter psychosomatic disorders. There are 38 Bach flowers, but the most suitable for alleviating anxiety are:

  • Gorse
    Ginestrone, great for those who feelblocked by anxiety and from despair.
  • Gentian
    perfect for those who let themselves be overwhelmed by pessimism.
  • Larch
    Common larch, perfect for counteractingperformance anxietyor by examination because it stops the fear of failure by improving self-esteem.
  • Walnut
    Or more simply, walnut flower. It is indicated to counteract anxiety in people who are afraid of facing changes and constantly need to feel protected.
  • Scleranthus
    Scleranthus or Centigrani. This flower helps to overcome decision anxiety. It is also called fiorsecco and should channel the energies towards self-determination.

How to take Bach flowers to overcome anxiety?
It is necessary to carefully read the instructions given by the manufacturer of the compound. Bach flowers are taken in drops or sprays.

A do-it-yourself preparation is obtained by mixing 40 drops of brandy and 2 drops of the extract of each of the flowers listed. Experts recommend taking 4 drops of the mixture 4 times a day, for 3 weeks, however we encourage you to consult an expert herbalist to look for tailor-made natural remedies or, rather than a do-it-yourself preparation, you can buy specific ad hoc mixes. for relieve anxious states.

Where to buy Bach flowers?
Bach flowers can be purchased in herbal medicine or by taking advantage of online purchases. On Amazon, a 20ml Bach Flower Spray pack that combines the active ingredients of the five natural remedies for anxiety, it is bought at a price of around 25 euros.

Psychological test for those suffering from anxiety

To orient yourself and get to know yourself better, we propose below a test made exclusively for our website from the doctor Anna Maria Sepe.

1 point | No
2 points | A little'
3 points | Enough
4 points | Yup

1. they plot against me
2. It is your habit to compliment a friend.
3. You find it hard to ask someone a favor.
4. you know how to resist the solicitation of a seller.
5. you know how to apologize when you make a mistake.
6. you generally refuse the invitation for an appointment or a meeting.
7. admit you are afraid
8. keep secrets from your partner
9. You would ask for a promotion if you had the chance
10. admit your ignorance on a subject.
11. You can't say "no" when they ask you to borrow money.
12. you can silence an overly talkative friend.
13. don't ask personal questions.
14.Don't ask for constructive criticism about yourself
15. You happen to strike up a conversation with a stranger.
16. You find it difficult to compliment someone you care about
17. if you like a person you would not ask them for a date
18. You would not ask for a second date from a person who has already rejected you
19. if something is not clear to you, you do not feel like having the concept repeated
20. Does it inhibit you from looking for a job?
21. it becomes easy for you to offend someone
22. let another always take the initiative
23. you are late for appointments
24. you happen to criticize other people
25. if something you have purchased is faulty you do not have the courage to demand a change
26. even if you disagree, do not express your thoughts
27. I don't have good sexual activity
28. I believe I have suffered many injustices
29. I do not show up for the appointment
30. I don't like surprises
31. if they invite me to drink I accept
32. many people consider them stupid
33. I may decide to quit my job
34. I have difficulty in relating to people
35. I lie often
36. if something inhibits me soon ask for it to be returned to me
37. compliments me
38. I often dissociate myself
39. I could never spy on anything
40. if a person bothers me I ask him to shut up


From 0 to 60 points
Nothing makes you nervous or upset your emotional balance. It is not difficult for you to deal with situations that would be distressing for others. You are a stress resistant and extremely relaxed person. you are very sure of yourself and are not afraid to say what you think in any situation

61 to 100 points
You have reached a compromise between a rational control what worries you. Yours is an anxiety that with a little determination you can manage .. If you get too close to the score of 100, be careful because anxiety appears in certain aspects of the your life, you generally tend to worry a little too much

From 100 to 160 points
You are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. You are surrounded by a climate of concern about what might happen to you and mostly for unfounded reasons. Advice, read the article and follow the advice +

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