Return to Milan on Sunday at Spasso

Return to Milan on Sunday at Spasso

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Engines turned off in Milan to combat the problem of air pollution in the city. On October 14, the blocking of limited traffic was set up, starting from 10 in the morning until 18 in the afternoon. This is an appointment that is renewed after the one on Sunday 16 September, "Spasso on Sunday", An initiative that was also previously proposed on 27 May.

The initiative is not limited to the pure and simple blocking of traffic, but aims to propose one alternative mobility, involving other means of transport, such as bicycles, buses and even electric cars. The use of any vehicle will be allowed next Sunday in Milan, with the only requirement that it does not emit substances harmful to the environment or have reduced emissions.

Various initiatives have been organized in favor of citizens, including free visits to civic museums, ending with the walk from Piazzale Loreto to Piazzale Duomo, which has been called "freewheeling”With the sole participation of people on bikes, rollerblades, scooters or skateboards. There is no shortage of initiatives in favor of the citizen: the ATM transport company will make available, for all those who want to use public transport, a single ticket for the whole day, at a price of 1.50 euros. There will also be a free service bike sharing. The program of "Sunday for a walk”Will be activated again on November 18th.

There is more: in conjunction with almost all Italian cities, Milan will also experience the first "National Walking Day”, Organized by FederTrek, in collaboration with the magazine Trekking & Outdoor and sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment. Within the calendar to report a unique event, the "walking meditation"Organized by the Be Peace Association. An association inspired by the teaching of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. The walking meditation, open to all, will start from the fountain in Largo Cairoli, to reach, along the Sforzesco Castle, up to Piazza Cadorna.

The appointment is at 4.00 pm and, after a brief introduction explaining the meaning of this meditation, we will leave to reach our destination. Well, in the meantime, we just have to meditate on the consequences that combustion cars cause onenvironment, who knows maybe after meditation we will opt for one electric car.

I point out our new related article dedicated to rules for riding an electric scooter in Italy.

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