Soap or Bubble Bath: advantages and disadvantages

Soap or Bubble Bath: advantages and disadvantages

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Soap or Bubble Bath: advantages and disadvantages - The current historical moment sees us as protagonists of great changes: the planet is in danger and with it also the human being and his well-being. Living in a healthy and clean place has beneficial effects on the person, as well as living in an unhealthy place.

There are numerous movements that require the adoption of sustainable environmental policies by those in top positions in governments and this is fundamental: while waiting for this to happen, let us remember that as consumers we have enormous power in our hands. use.

Soap or bubble bath: environmental impact

Any action we take, even the smallest, has an environmental impact: it is our precise responsibility, today more than ever, to work to reduce it. A trivial example: how many bottles of
shower gel do we consume per month? On average, a couple of them are consumed in a family, about 24 per year for each household. If we multiply this number by all the families of a nation and
then again for the number of countries that exist in the world (at least those in which the population does not live below the poverty line) the number becomes important.

THE bubble bath bottles are plastic, recyclable material but not forever. Given that the data speak for themselves and that the percentage of materials destined for recycling is minimal compared to the goods produced, let's remember that due to the chemical composition of the plastic (of which there are many types) the result of some recycling, the material deteriorates to the point of preventing further recycling. This involves the production of undifferentiated waste, which is disposed of by incinerators that produce tons of toxic gas emissions that contribute to the rise in atmospheric temperature, responsible for numerous disasters.

Finally, let us remember that all those plastics defined as "biodegradable" or "compostable" - despite the misleading wording - are far from being eco-sustainable. In order for a material to biodegrade it is necessary that there is a bacterium capable of transforming it: "biodegradable" plastics, also created from oils, have a chemical composition that allows their rapid degradation (non-biodegradation) or the simple decomposition into tiny particles of plastic material, which are dispersed in the environment and are impossible to recover.

Those compostable, on the other hand, although produced from natural materials (such as corn starch) decompose but exclusively through specifically equipped systems, which have certain parameters of temperature, oxygenation and humidity: certainly not in the wet bag.

A simple gesture like using soap bars sold in cardboard or in bulk, instead of the bubble bath, helps to reduce our domestic impact. However, habits, as they are automatic, are not easy to change from day to day: it is necessary to evaluate and experiment in order to find the best solution for oneself, compatibly with one's resources.

Soap or bubble bath: effectiveness

Each person has a different skin pH, which varies from 4.2 to 5.6, based on numerous subjective factors: it is therefore important to find a soap that is suitable for the person. As with any
product, the right one is identified by trying different ones until you find one that meets your needs.

The production of soap bars follows more natural procedures than bubble baths, rich in chemical agents that are harmful to the body: the skin (together with the liver, kidneys, colon and respiratory system) is one of our tools for purifying toxins, therefore it is important to have them good care. We should always learn to read the labels without falling into the marketing traps that push us to buy a product without having real awareness of the effects on the body.

Soap or shower gel: convenience

The bubble bath in a bottle is certainly much easier to find: every supermarket or body care shop offers the consumer a wide range of products to choose from. Sometimes the bars of soap are more difficult to find or the choice is less. However, lately, more and more companies have started producing quality soap bars, so the choice is increasing: both from the point of view of size, fragrances and components. There are rice starch soaps for the most delicate skin, those with lavender and calendula for skin prone to irritation, charcoal, orange blossom, almond and much more. Also remember that it is easier for travelers to carry solid toiletries due to airport restrictions on liquids.

Soap or shower gel: economic convenience

From an economic point of view, undoubtedly the soap wins. The costs, in fact, are similar: the distinction lies in the duration of the product. A liquid shower gel, due to its consistency, tends to be used in larger quantities in the shower. Of the soap, however, the necessary is used. Therefore, in the long term, the number of soap bars that may be used over a year is less than that of a bottle of bubble bath. Even a gesture that may seem insignificant has an environmental impact and changing our habits responsibly is the first step towards change.

By Laura Zunica, founder of the blog PI0 - Zero Impact Project

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