The best snacks for school and teenagers

With the resumption of school changes in the pace of life and also in eating habits that must adapt to the new schedules and activities that are introduced during the week. It is important to start on the right foot, so with the best snacks for school. Those nutrients that give us the charge and that also put us in a good mood. This applies to everyone, for those who go to kindergarten but also for adults who have a hole in their stomach and need a small break for a snack that allows them to regain energy and concentration.

Let's start with the little ones and gradually proceed with a roundup ofsnacks for adults too obviously everyone can then choose what they prefer regardless of their age range. For example, the recipes proposed for elementary school are among my favorites.

The best snacks for kindergarten

At this age it is very important that children, even at school, learn to vary. As far as possible and the time we have available, we try to vary the snacks to let the little ones try many flavors. We focus on fruit that must never be missing, we do not exaggerate with sugars but we grant sweets especially with chocolate, preferably homemade.

A chocolate and pear cake it combines the needs and everyone likes it, even if it is not easy to prepare and transport. Dried fruit is very convenient and delicious, very nutritious and therefore useful in this age, which we can associate with yogurt, alternatively with yogurt we can propose cereals. There are many types, some healthier, others more greedy but still excellent for children.

The best snacks for primary school

In elementary and middle school the child can find himself doing very different activities and we need to understand how much energy he needs. I say this because at this age we risk obesity but to avoid it we must not give too little to eat because children are growing up and must be supported. If the little one does regular physical activity, it is better to prepare something substantial like bread and jam or bread and chocolate, the old bread, butter and sugar or, if you like salty, a pizza or a packet of crackers. No physical activity? Bad, better start but until this happens, we must limit the number of categories taken as a snack, choosing a fruit or a yogurt.

Now let's see some creative ideas for our little ones' snacks. We can prepare small strudels a bundle, with puff pastry, apples and sugar. They are simple and the result always meets great enthusiasm, we can vary the filling as we want, with pears, raisins, pine nuts and chocolate chips. With the leavened dough we can prepare instead i stuffed rolls. The classic filling of Cinnamomo rolls is based on butter cream, sugar and cinnamon but we can avoid butter and use strawberry or apricot jam or a gianduia cream. Of these rolls there is also the savory version of this recipe which is a sort of rolled pizza, with tomato and mozzarella, and if you want a few squares of ham.

An original, healthy and at the same time captivating idea is that of apple chips to replace the fries. The fruit is thinly sliced ​​and baked in a hot syrup of lemon juice and sugar. We can also prepare vegetable chips, with mixed zucchini and potatoes. Let's stay on the savory recipes to taste the savory croissants prepared very simply with the puff pastry cut into wedges to be stuffed with cooked ham and slices or with spinach and cheese or cream of tuna. Without cooking anything, we can prepare dried fruit bars, pitted dates, almonds, coconut flour and plums. Everything is compacted and bars are prepared.

The best snacks for teenagers

From the age of 14 onwards, tastes and needs change, so we need to update our cookbook. Without exaggerating with the messed up snacks, we can grant chocolate snacks but something simpler like homemade biscuits or a ham sandwich is better. We avoid packaged snacks and focus on foods that also include fruit, such as an apple tart.

The best snacks for adults

Even if you no longer go to school, it is certainly not the case to give up the snack if you feel the need. Rather than weighing ourselves down with a too substantial meal, better stay light and make small, delicious and nutritious stops. You should have 20% of your calories at breakfast, 30% at lunch and dinner and 10% during snacks. The best snacks are those based on fresh or dried fruit, cereal bars and a yogurt. We can also opt for wholemeal crackers. In the summer, an ice cream can solve many problems, even in winter for the bravest, otherwise once in a while you can warm up with a nice chocolate.

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