How to grow violets

How to grow violets

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How to grow violets: instruction in the cultivation of the violet flower. All the care to be devoted to the potted plant or how to grow flower beds in the garden.

In the article we will illustrate how to grow violetsseeing all the care to be given to this beautiful flowering plant.

These are small ornamental perennials that offer a beautiful presence in the garden, terrace or balcony thanks to their beautiful fragrant flowers. There cultivation of violets it does not require particular cultural knowledge; their characteristic is to be quite resistant to frost and snow so they can cultivate violetseven in the far north of Italy.

These flowering plants can easily withstand the cold even down to -15 degrees without ceasing to produce flowers. The violets they have different color variations: this allows them to be combined in a strategic way to create a beautiful scenic effect.

Cultivate the pansy or pansy

When we talk aboutvioletswe refer to several species. Among these, the most cultivated is the classicpansyorviola tricolor.

Therepansysees onecultivationvery diversified as there are numerous hybrids, some bloom as early as January and perpetuate flowering until the end of spring.

Therepansyit is a branched herbaceous species that has slender stems and dark green leaflets with a serrated edge.

For cultivation, in pots or in the garden, it needs a space of 30 cm in width. It can reach 20 cm in height and this is suitable for low flowered borders. THEpansy flowersthey are large, with corollas up to 4 cm in diameter. Is calledviola tricolorbecause the petals are given by different colors ranging from purple to shades of cream passing through blue and purple. Forgrow pansy in pots or in the gardenyou can rely on the following guidelines.

Grow the horned viola or wild violet

The specieshornedit is among the most common violets for the preparation of flower beds and low borders. THEflowersthey are smaller so much that many call it wronglywild violetorwild violet. The flowers, in fact, are only 2 or at most 3 cm wide. The horned violet blooms from March to June and planting can take place at the end of January.

Grow the wild violet or wild violet

Wild violet is very popular both in the kitchen and for growing on the balcony, in pots or in the garden. With the common name ofwild violetthe species is indicatedviolet violets. Thereviolet violets, as well as allviolets, provide edible leaves for use in mixed salads, soups or as cooked vegetables.

For thecultivation of wild violetyou can follow the instructions provided below while for specific uses or to know where to find it in nature, you can choose the page dedicated towild violet: violet violets.

How to grow violets, useful information

  • They can be grown both in pots and in the ground, the important thing is to ensure a fresh, fertile and very well drained soil: just add good universal soil.
  • For planting, the best time is generally in autumn but they can also be planted in spring. The pansy as well as the horned viola can also be planted in the month of February when they already have flowers.
  • They should only be buried up to the root attachment, therefore carefully avoid burying the foot of the plant excessively, to prevent the violets from perishing due to root rot.
  • At the time of planting, choose a day that is not too cold and water the soil abundantly immediately afterwards.
  • Space the violets at least 30 cm between plant and plant, so that they can develop easily. In case of cultivation in pots, get quite large pots: the habit of these plants is of the ground cover type, so they take up a lot of space
  • If the roots of pot-grown violets completely fill the container, repot immediately. In reality, after purchasing a potted plant,Violetincluded, the first is immediately providedrepotting.
  • Prefer a bright place, in full sun or partial shade, otherwise they will produce smaller and more sparse flowers.
  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun in summer: they suffer from the heat, therefore under the direct rays of the sun they can be damaged if not adequately protected.
  • Constantly eliminate the dry or damaged parts and carry out a good weeding.

Planting of the pansy or violet

Regardless of the species, for planting, dig a 15 cm hole and bury the purchased plant including its earthen bread.

When you buy oneviola in vase, remove it from the container gently and untangle the roots, moving them with your hands. This will allow the roots to develop better in the soil. Do the same thing if you do arepottingforgrow violets in potslarger in size.

If the soil in your garden is poor, incorporate some organic substance (good manure) by performing a superficial tillage such as a very light hoeing or raking if the soil has already been moved and therefore soft.

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