Yellow rose: meaning

Yellow rose: meaning

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During the Victorian era, theyellow roseerasymbolofjealousy, infidelity, betrayal, this flower can express different meanings based on the context.

Thereyellow rosecan convey different emotions, nowadays it issymbolof vivacity and brotherly affection, so it is often used as flowerof friendship.

Yellow rose: meaning of the flower

Thereroseissymbol of loveand beauty. Thereyellow roseis no exception. As well as all the others rose, hismeaningit resides in love, strength, charm ... the intrinsic expressions of the flower are associated with those related to color.

Theyellowit is a color that expresses enthusiasm, brightness and so oneyellow roseit can be the perfect message of joy: it can bring good mood and liveliness. Theyellow rosesthey are equally a symbol of love, but a brotherly love: this is why it is the ideal symbol of true friendship.

Theyellow rosesYes they cangive awayto celebrate a result, a promotion and express pride and enthusiasm. Give awayyellow rosesit is a tacit way to send a message of congratulations and affection. These flowers can also represent a new beginning and therefore reconciliation between friends.

Meaning of the yellow rose:

  • Optimism
  • Lighting
  • Good mood
  • Joy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Friendship
  • Affection
  • Brotherly Love
  • Wisdom

Yellow is the color associated with the sun and thevital warmth. The yellow rose places its origins in the Middle East, where it has always kept themeaningoflightheartedness, of an optimistic and daring character.

Yellow rose in the language of flowers

Theyellow rosesthey have ameaningdeep and linked to that of the rose (love). The rose is a symbol of love. The red rose means "love that wins over everything". The white rose symbolizes platonic love, the pink rose symbolizes stable love and the yellow rose is a symbol of brotherly love. This is reading in the modern key.

Inlanguage of flowersmuch in vogue in the Victorian era, themeaning of the yellow roseit was different. In fact, yellow has long been - and in some beliefs it still is - the color associated with jealousy. Thus, theyellow rosein the old code oflanguage of flowersit was a symbol of infidelity and jealousy. In this context, it can be given to a former partner or it can be inserted in a bouquet of roses to send more messages of love.

In the past theyellow rosesthey could be associated with mint leaves (meaning madness) and yellow-mottled carnations (symbol of unrequited love). In this floral arrangement theyellow roseit represented jealousy, love and in the set of flowers it sent a message ofcrazy and jealous love.

Not only jealousy but also envy. Yellow, in the classiclanguage of flowersit is the color of jealousy and envy.

In a text published in Germany in 1899, we read of theyellow rose: “The color of this flower warns me against the envious look of your eyes.". It is clear that the text makes no reference to Greek mythology and the symbolism hidden by this flower.

Rose: meaning of the flower

For Greek mythology, theroseand thequeen of flowersand all the roses were born by Aphrodite, Zephyr and other Olympian gods. Each rose is a symbol of love and strength, illumination and grace and can take on different connotations based on color.

The black rose is associated with mysticism, black magic and anarchy. I remind you that the black rose, just like the blue rose, is not a flower that exists in nature. For further information: black rose: meaning.

The red rose is a symbol of love that wins over everything. Its meaning is linked to the Greek legend involving Adonis, a deeply in love with Aphrodite and a compassionate Zeus. To learn more about the legend of Greek mythology, I invite you to read the article "red rose: meaning".

The much acclaimed White Roseit is the antithesis of the black rose. It is a symbol of purity, platonic love, virtuosity and intellectual understanding. To learn more about the meaning of this flower, I refer you to the dedicated article "white rose: meaning".

Thereyellow rose, as is clear, it has two different meanings. It all depends on the interpretation of the gift giver: he is turning his gaze to the old code of language of flowers or is he turning his gaze to Eastern symbolism and Greek mythology?

Do not forget that yellow is the color combined with the third Chackra, a symbol of sunlight, knowledge and energy. It is clear that one yellow rose it cannot be just a message of jealousy.

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