How to browse offline

How to browse offline

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Keys, wireless, hotspots ... there are various ways to access the internet while away from home, but if you do not have an unlimited connection and all the wi-fi access points are covered by a password, it is possible browse offline? Sure! Saving an entire website or a few pages to your computer can be very convenient for those with a limited connection. There offline browsing it can also be useful for those who are about to take a train or plane trip and want to prepare something to read on their laptop. Making "File" from your browser and choosing the "Save Page as" command is not the best way to keep a web page to visit offline, in fact this will only make a limited copy of the page.

Browse offline it means saving part of a portal or even entire websites so that you can browse and browse the pages of the site even away from a connection. To make a copy of an entire site or the pages you want to save, you can use programs such as BlackStreet Browser. With this program, the pages or the entire website can be saved while maintaining the structure of the pages. To save a site or page, once BlackStreet Browser is installed, by going to File, choose the "New" command with the url of the site to save and in which folder to save it. With BlackStreet Browser you can choose whether to save only the pages of the site or even those that are linked within the portal of your interest; in this regard, the offline browsing program it will ask you for the "link depth", that is, if you set the value 3, the program will save the pages linked to your first page of interest, those linked to the second and those linked to this last (with the third level of depth). With the default settings, the program reported will only save the portal or pages of your interest, regardless of external links. The program is suitable for all Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 95 up to the latest Windows 7.

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