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Broadband surfing

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Super-fast internet connections supported by new technologies such as optical lasers and increasingly powerful modem routers. The European Union will soon be the protagonist of a project a broadband connection, indeed, very wide at 10 Gbps. The project has a cost of 22.3 million euros and will involve at least half a billion citizens of the European Union.

The Member States of the European Union together with other leading nations such as Great Britain, Poland, Austria and Israel, are launching a project that provides for the spread of ultra broadband, the so-called "Ultra Wideband ". In other words, the project should speed up the connections and web browsing of at least half a billion European cybercitizens.

Broadband plans to surf from a speed of at least 1 Gpbs, while today the browsing speed of the most geeks can "boast" a time of 600 kb per second. The investment goes beyond 22 million euros and a third of the costs will be supported by the EU and by the countries that have decided to join the initiative. The initiative should be used to carry out analyzes and assessments so as to draw a more homogeneous pattern of connectivity in the old continent which today is too heterogeneous: there are those who still travel at the speed given by a connection ISDN.

The ultimate goal is to provide one ultra broadband connection to half a million Europeans by 2016. To this end, the technology will have to undergo a significant update with optical lasers and new modems and routers that will increase the connection capacity to reach speeds never seen before. The purpose of the operation should be to provide Europeans with more advanced services and to break down the differences in band: we hope that exactly the opposite will not occur, theUltra Wideband provided by the EU could increase the digital devide rather than contain it.

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