WikiSpesa is born, the waste portal

Every economic waste has a forte impact on the environment. How many projects have been started in Italy by public and private bodies and never completed? WikiSpending wants to become the news aggregator of the bad Italian bureaucracy. How much land has been consumed for the construction of hospitals that have never been built? Maybe the works are stopped at the foundations or entire departments have already been completed but the result is a ghost building. How many yards have been closed due to the bad bureaucracy?

As stated in the WikiSpesa portal, only between 2001 and 2006, according to an estimate by the Court of Auditors, 200 million euros were spent for the preliminary analysis of the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina. The waste have a negative effect on the Italian economy and onenvironment. There is a lot of talk about waste in Italian municipalities, they should think about this board commissions but also the population of the web can do something.

WikiSpending was born on the same principle as Wikipedia, a free tool open to all, therefore any citizen can add new content, always respecting the rules and philosophy of the portal. The idea was launched by the Bruno Leoni Institute. The portal has been active for a short time and is eager for new content.

A striking example of waste is the airport of Comiso, an Italian town in the province of Ragusa, in Sicily. As we read from Wikispesa, after 5 years from its inauguration, the Comiso airport is still closed. The construction of an airport involves a lot impact on the environment, primarily for the subtraction of the territory, overbuilding, the creation of new infrastructures that have nothing to do with the green building. The waste that WikiSpesa talks about is mainly economic, but behind every economic waste there is a big one environmental damage not to be ignored.

In the photo, the Comiso airport, Ragusa, Sicily. Photo from

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