In Cremona the first full digital condominium

In Cremona the first full digital condominium

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In digital condominium each apartment is reached by the optic fiber so as to guarantee residents a better quality of life. In large cities this is not a novelty, but a Cremona Yup.

The first condominium full digital in city ​​of Torrazzo it was inaugurated a few days ago in via Mosa, built by Beltrami RE is Aemcom. The construction testifies to the evolution of the area towards awareness of the benefits of the fast connection network and a cultural-technological change that becomes an integral element of an advanced real estate offer.

"Even in a time of crisis, it is necessary to invest in quality to offer advanced and high-quality solutions even in homes", he has declared Carlo Beltrami, President of Beltrami RE. "The new residence in via Mosa is a property with attention to every detail and aims to be a local excellence not only for contemporary design: a full digital home, attentive to the environment and energy saving which, thanks to the innovative solutions proposed, such as the use of district heating and the presence of the fiber optic connection constitute a value over time ”.

The new residence is characterized by advanced constructive and technological solutions, such as the domestic internal wiring that brings the optical fiber directly into the home (fiber to the home) and the presence of an autonomous wi-fi bubble pre-installed in each apartment that avoids possible interference and guarantees optimal performance, allowing the adoption of advanced and innovative services.

"Homes prepared for the use of optical fiber pave the way for a series of possible experiments on the use of ultra-broadband in urban areas, adopting automation systems for buildings and parking lots and advanced energy management models. This represents a fundamental impetus for the diffusion of new technologies, which become a common heritage and a source of value for the community ", he said Mirko Grasselli, President of Aemcom.

The advantage of broadband is that, overcoming all the technological and performance limits associated with traditional systems and ensuring maximum transmission speed to the end user, it allows the introduction not only of telephony and fast internet, but the possibility of adopting systems of remote surveillance and of home automation that will characterize the house of the future.

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