The best mobile Internet offers with unlimited minutes and text messages

The best mobile Internet offers with unlimited minutes and text messages

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Those who usually compare the different proposals for smartphones and tablets will have noticed that for some time the attention of operators seems to have shifted mainly to mobile Internet offers.

Well yes. If until a few months ago it was still minutes and text messages that attracted, now users are looking above all for more gigabytes and higher connection speeds, perhaps 4G LTE. Consequently, the pointing of the best mobile Internet deals by the operators.

Analyzing the various promotions in progress in Italy (with the rate comparator it is very easy to evaluate the most suitable and convenient for our consumption profile), for example, H3G offers, together with the new TOP subscriptions only with sim or sim + smartphone, unlimited minutes and text messages.

The same goes for Wind's Unlimited offers (for example Noi Tutti Unlimited or All Inclusive Unlimited), All Inclusive by Tim, Relax by Vodafone. What changes between one proposal and another is the amount of gigabytes per Mobile Internet included in the offers.

Between the mobile Internet offers richer there are the Plus versions of the Tre subscriptions, which reach up to 7 Gb per month in LTE, the All Inclusive of Wind powered 5 GB, the Relax Family Edition of Vodafone with 5 GB, or the Internet offers of TIM such as Internet 4g, with 10 GB per month of 4G LTE connection which double if you are a Telecom Italia customer.

Gigabytes is a variable to pay close attention to if you use your smartphone for 'heavy' content such as streaming music or television (for example Sky Online or Infinity on a tablet), or if you use the cloud a lot for work .

An advice? Beware of split offers. They are those that offer a certain number of gigabytes but divided by days, for example: a total of 3 gigabytes that can be used in fractions of 100 megabytes max per day, without the possibility of transferring from one day to another what has not been used. Too binding.

If the offers appear very similar, it is the special promotions of the operators that make the difference. For example, Vodafone Entertainment (with Spotify, magazines, Infinity, Choose Soccer) or TIM content (such as Entertainment and Sport, available on the TIM Vision app, in addition to Serie A).

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