The solar smartphone that helps Kenya

L'solar power it can be a great resource especially in remote areas where electricity does not reach. So the less fortunate students in the world can count on the solar-powered iSlate to learn the lesson of the day and in Kenya they can use green smartphone.

In this case, the push for mobile solar technology is not dictated by a fashion, it is not an option but a necessity. This is the case in Kenya where the solar potential is high and few people have access to the electricity grid. In Kenya, sunlight is available for many hours of the day, however the photovoltaic it is too expensive or even unknown for most Kenyans.

Thus, both in rural areas and in urban centers, a large portion of the population lives without electricity because connecting to the electricity grid can cost about $ 600, a figure too high for the local economy. It is for this reason that the telecommunications company Safaricom and the company Kenya's Mobitelea Ventures, have joined forces to produce a telephone solar powered cell phone which costs about $ 18.

The news was welcomed by Michael Odera, director of the "Climate Change" office in Kenya and Minister of the Environment and Mining Resources. The minister called it a "brilliant innovation " an excellent combination of social and environmental needs. The solar cell phone it uses recycled material so it is doubly ecological.

Without access to the electricity grid, Kenyans sometimes have to walk from one city to another to recharge their mobile phones! There are over 17.5 million cell phones in Kenya but only 1.3 million people are connected to the electricity grid! A gap that must be bridged and while waiting for this to happen, the solar cell phone it can be an excellent convenience.

In the digital age, without electricity, people are almost cut off from the world and certainly cut off from the Web without having access to the infinity of information on the network.

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