Solar cover for iPhone and Galaxy

Solar cover for iPhone and Galaxy

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There is a new one solar powered cover for iPhone. This is the first product of the EnerPlex line, the Ascent Solar Technologies brand that will give life to solar covers for various smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy. EnerPlex is an elegant protective case that integrates a very thin one emergency battery for iPhone.

With the latest updates,iPhone from Apple already has a fairly decent battery life, those who are not satisfied can always buy an emergency battery for iPhone or a solar powered cover which integrates the emergency battery in his case!

Ascent Solar Technologies company plans to launch the line on the market EnerPlex in the third quarter of 2012, we're almost there! The protective case for the iPhone uses CIGS solar technology, thus offering the user one cover light, thin and aesthetically appealing. The cover will be able to extend battery life without affecting the high design of Apple.

With the EnerPlex, Apple and Samsung Galaxy users will be able to integrate a touch of "green”In their daily life. Users will be able to improve the performance of the smartphone without compromising its aesthetics. Apple has sold over 175 million iPhone and in the first quarter of this year alone, 144 million were sold worldwide smartphone. EnerPlex focuses on providing protective houses which can boast a dual function.

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