Mobile Working, what an effort!

Mobile Working, what an effort!

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The tools change, the ways of working change. We talk more and more often about Mobile Working. The new technologies and phenomena such as the 'consumerization'(Where consumers, that is, users, guide the purchase logic) or what is called BYOD (Bring your own device, which means using personal devices at work) are in fact revolutionizing and redesigning habits in the office. The point is that the new is not yet completely ready to replace the old, and in order for the change not to waste energy, it is necessary to know which are the right tools. Some elements frame the topic well.

79% of employees work today as part of a virtual team, but only 44% believe that the virtual interactions are as effective as real ones, while as many as 43% of users are not satisfied with the collaboration technologies they have available. These data emerge from the recent survey conducted by Siemens Enterpirse Communications who took an unprecedented photograph of the current state of the environment and working methods.

The survey, carried out between September and October 2012 in North America, Latin America and Western Europe, sends an important signal to companies that have the opportunity, by equipping themselves with the appropriate resources and technologies, to improve their performance by enhancing untapped potential of their teams. In the current state of things, without the right tools, Mobile Working seems, in fact, to be a fatigue rather than an opportunity.

The study, looking at both the mobile work and how it is perceived by employees, both the tools used to communicate on the move, highlighted how most companies, despite having a mobile workforce, delocalized and remote, it is limited to providing employees with a laptop, a landline phone and mobile email access. Often, however, employees are unable or do not know how to best interact to build relationships in a predominantly virtual world.

The tools most used by virtual teams still remain the email (93%) and the phone (89%); however, only 54% of users believe these tools are sufficient. 72% believe teamwork would be more effective via video; however, only 34% use it. 43% of users feel frustrated and unable to make the best use of collaboration tools they have, because they don't work well or because they are difficult to use. 75% believe that members of a virtual team are more exposed to distractions. Only 8% of companies have established procedures to manage the team performance in order to ensure optimal performance.

From the survey by Siemens Enterpirse Communications some recommendations emerge for companies. The first is the one he recommends shift the focus 'from doors to people': industry and customers must look beyond technology, focusing on individuals, immediately providing employees with the tools to improve communication, collaboration and team results.

Align the user experience with new lifestyles and work styles. Mobility is the norm today. Users expect work tools to be as simple and elegant as the technologies they use in their private life. Companies should use communication solutions that allow users to move easily between different types of media (voice, text, video and social) with a logical, intuitive and pleasant user experience.

Integrate unified communication into the way of working. The communication solutions must be tightly integrated with the already existing applications and tools; they must be easy to use and simplify the viewing of content, to provide only the information requested by users in the desired format.

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