ADZero, the bamboo smartphone

So far we have talked about covers, cases or even keyboards in bamboo. We have never presented one to you smartphone entirely made in bamboo. Is called ADZero and was presented to the world as "the first smartphone in bamboo. It could be on the market as early as 2013.

The bamboo it is one of the most resistant, beautiful and long-lasting materials that nature can offer us. The parent company, AD Creative hopes it will be able to produce one smartphone in bamboo with operating system Android. The smartphone will be assembled in such a way as to minimize theenvironmental impact.

ADZero, lo smartphone in bamboo, was designed and created by two young designers of different nationalities, the British Kieron-Scott, Chief Designer of AD Creative, and the Chinese Jerry Lao, Chief Of Operations of AD Creative. Kieron-Scott and Jerry Lao have joined forces thanks to the web: lo smartphone in bambooIt was actually designed by Kieron-Scott who, after making the design, posted the project online. The project, thus posted, attracted the attention of Jerry Lao, an entrepreneur specializing in high-tech products. Together, the two young people created a sophisticated first prototype that soon (we hope), it will be produced on a large scale so as to reach the commercial sector.

AD Creative has reached its third prototype. The 2012 prototype used the Android operating system, the company is currently working to develop an ad hoc operating system for one smartphone in bamboo.

The ADZero will initially be available only in the UK. A definitive date has not been released but according to the latest updates posted on the company's web channels, lo smartphone in bamboo it could be marketed starting from April.

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