IPhone, environmental and social impact

IPhone, environmental and social impact

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Do you know how much aiPhone? No, let's not talk about its production cost or selling price, let's talk about its environmental cost! Each iPhone has a hidden cost and we are not even talking about the social or human rights of Chinese factory workers. We refer to hisenvironmental impact. Do you know what theenvironmental impactof aiPhone?

iPhoneafteriPhone, we are destroying the planet!
Does this seem like an exaggerated sentence?
When a user throws away his mobile, it is usually still functional and is not even two years old! At the end of the life of aiPhonewhat to rhyme? A handful of garbage and a few grams of hazardous waste. But how much garbage exactly and how dangerous is this waste? Estimates are difficult to make. Furthermore, theenvironmental impactof aiPhonedoes not only provide for disposal, we must also consider:
- impact of the extraction of construction raw materials
- impact of the transport of raw materials
- emissions of production processes
-impact of transport during distribution
- environmental impact of the device during its operational life: in the hands of the user, theiPhoneit will eat a lot of energy and produce accessory waste such as covers, emergency batteries, stands, supports ...
- disposal of minerals and chemicals such as PCB, lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium, phthalates ...

Let's talk about energy: it consumes more an iPhone than a refrigerator!
According to the report entitled "The Cloud Begins With Coal," globally, theiPhoneturn out to be more energy-intensive than refrigerators! The report examines the amount of electricity required to power theiPhoneof Apple and this turns out to be greater than that required in a year of operation of a refrigerator.

According to the author of the report, Mark Mills, CEO of the Digital Power Group, only oneiPhoneit consumes around 361 kilowatt hours every year. A medium-sized refrigerator, with an Energy Star rating not even the most excellent, consumes only 322 kWh of energy per year. Less than an iPhone!

L'environmental impactof a singleiPhoneit must be multiplied by millions and millions of units. In 2011 alone, there was an excess of 41 million Apple devices across the globe between iPhones and iPod Touch. The sales of these devices have made Apple the most prestigious technology company in the world. Not onlyenvironmental impact but also social frustration: in his publication entitled "Apple Supplier Responsibility: 2011 Progress Report", The Cupertino company admitted that in 10 plants managed by their suppliers 91 children were found who worked, in addition, 137 workers, also in 2011, suffered poisoning from toxic substances used during the production chain.

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