Solar backpack with Italian Brand

We have already seen it some time ago with the biodegradable bottle and iNature, the iPhone cover made in Italy. Italian brands in the name of sustainabilityBlack Sun, the Italian brand that has launched a line of products, is an example of this green like it solar backpack, capable of obtaining electricity from solar panels integrated into a high-class design.


Those of Black Sun they are backpacks with a casual style but unmistakable given their peculiarities! They incorporate solar cells capable of producing electrical energy and storing it in special storage systems. The energy will then be used in times of need to recharge mobile phones, cameras, tablets, video games and any other portable device.

The collection green Black Sun, consists of solar powered backpacks that bring electricity to any context, from trips to the office, without forgetting the zero-impact picnics! Operation is very simple: after the first recharge made via the home network or the USB socket of the computer, the backpack will replenish its storage system using thesolar power. This is done by exploiting the solar panels placed in the outermost part of the backpack.

The Black Sun backpacksFurthermore, they are waterproof and equipped with numerous and large pockets that make them versatile and ideal in numerous and different situations: from work to lifestyle and dedicated to leisure.

Black Sun is a brand owned by Tre Ellle srl, a company specializing in the production and distribution of environmentally friendly products for respecting the environment and saving energy.

The Black Sun solar backpackit is proof that sustainability can play its part in every sector, even in the fashion one.


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