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AisStash is a concentrate of technology in a compact size

The portability of a USB pendrive, the flexibility of a SD card, the power of one multimedia streamer and the convenience of file transfer wireless, all in one accessory. AirStash it is the ideal companion when going on vacation, also due to its compact size that hides a real concentration of technology.

You can shoot hundreds of photo, to record video clips or create one playlist with lots of songs, saving them directly on one memory practically infinite. Long journeys by car, train or plane, the moments to spend under the umbrella waiting to dive back into the water after lunch or the quiet evenings at the campsite, thus become opportunities to listen to music favorite, watch movie or read a e-book. AirStash is capable of containing everything that you are not willing to give up due to the limited memory of the devices.

Furthermore, within theApp Store is already available for free AirStash +, the update of the previous App. The functionality has been added to the application SideLink, exclusively for this accessory, which allows connection with a wi-fi router and the use of AirStash at the same time. You can then continue to browse the Internet from your smartphone or tablet, at the usual speed, plus the ability to access the files saved on AirStash and its network, without having to choose between the two options.

The configuration of the new application is really simple: after carrying out the quick setup, AirStash connects to the wi-fi router, the device disconnects from the direct connection with AirStash and can be reconnected to the home wi-fi. At that point, the router acts as a bridge allowing both normal navigation and access to the contents on the AirStash memory. The only warning is that in order to take advantage of this new feature, in addition to updating the application, it is also necessary to update the firmware of the accessory.

AirStash measures only 93 x 32 x 13 mm, weighs just 41 g and has a range of 50 meters an autonomy of 7 hours. To recharge it, just connect it to one USB port 2.0 of a computer.

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