Linea Cartina, the Italian eco-fashion

What can happen when a sheet of paper is processed for two years? It gives shape to Map the Ballerina. Map the Ballerina, it is not a doll or a toy, but a shoe. Yes, a paper ballerina, but not of a common paper, but a special paper that makes it waterproof, breathable and recyclable. Not only ballet flats but also sneakers and many other highly accessories sustainable!

The line Map uses paper as a raw material. It is water resistant, made with recyclable materials like polypropylene or its 100% recyclable TR sole. Not only that, the packaging is also made of recycled and recyclable cardboard to reduce the impact of the packaging. The novelty does not end there. The shoe, designed by three young minds from Lucca, can also be customized.

Just take an acrylic marker and draw your own Map following the inspiration of the moment. So each Map becomes Unique! Of course it is also possible to glue studs, sequins, rhinestones, flowers, buttons or whatever inspires you at the moment.

The collection is already on the market and is very extensive: 17 colors in line with fashion trends. The main color is white combined with 11 different shades of grosgrain, including fluo. 6 other models are made with colored paper in more classic shades such as blue, red and dove gray, for those who love the most classic shoe while maintaining an original taste.

There are also ballet flats with ribbon or closure to close at the ankle, or other ballet flats that have closure with holes on the foot. The dancer Map you can buy it in the points of sale indicated on their website or directly on the online store at a price of about 50 euros.

Mirko, Vanessa and Simone, the names of the creators of the ballerina shoe, did not stop there and also created bags and hats strictly in recycled paper. Do not miss the Cartina kids, the ballerina for girls who want to follow their mother's fashion. Thanks to this truly original shoe you can walk comfortably and lightly but with aecological footprint greatly reduced.

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