Air2Water Dolphin, a sip of air

"Is the tap water drinkable?" This doubt has brought good money to the packaged water industry. Translated for our pockets, money that flies away: according to ISTAT data, an Italian family of three spends about 22 euros per month for the purchase of bottles of water!

If we want to avoid bottled water, we can buy filter jugs or install a purifier on the tap or, thanks to a new technology, tear thewater from the air! We assume that atmospheric air contains water vapor. What does this have to do with the water crisis? The amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere is so great that it can satisfy all the water needs of mankind.

In this perspective, scientists and engineers are always looking for ways to extract water from the air without waiting for the natural cycle of rain. Producing water by removing it from the air is possible thanks to a device called Air2Water Dolphin, an air cooler.

Already a few years ago, an Australian inventor designed a kind of micro wind turbine, the Max Water. The turbine was capable of extracting water from the air thanks to the phase change due to the temperature difference. A device intended for countries where water is severely scarce. Less than a year ago the same principle was implemented in the arid regions of Abu Dhabi where wind turbines provide the water requirement of remote locations. Riding the same wave is Air2Water Dolphin that wants to reach the homes of developed countries. The device has a compact and pleasant aesthetic, the design has been studied to furnish homes and offices.

Air2Water Dolphin uses dehumidifier technology and is able to extract water molecules from the air; this is possible through a cooling technique: by cooling the air condensation forms and at that point it will be easy to collect thewater present in the air. Air2Water Dolphin it can generate about 20 liters of water per day when the external humidity reaches 70%.

A modern filter system ensures that you provide clean, germ-free water. The electrostatic filter sucks in the air present outside, removing 93% of the particles suspended in it. After the condensation mechanism, the water remains in a tank for less than an hour, here an ultraviolet light will purify the water, killing 99.9% of the microorganisms present.

It would be interesting to know how much electricity it needs Dolphin to work.

Video: Israeli company makes WATER out of thin air! (January 2022).