BG-BL03, solar-powered LED lamp

BG-BL03, solar-powered LED lamp

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There are many people who land on this portal in search ofsolar energy lampsand there are just as many proposals on the market designed for both interiors and garden lighting. In this context, theBG-BL03, thesolar powered lanternmade by Panasonic.

There solar powered lantern of Panasonic was not designed to illuminate the home of Italians, its destiny is much more noble: to bring light to remote locations without electricity. The BG-BLO3 features aSolar Panel3.5 watt and a very high efficiency LED module that can offer up to 90 hours of light with a single solar charge.

Thanks to its structure, the lantern is able to rotate on its axis making a 360 ° turn. This allows you to project the light in the desired direction. The lantern recharges in approximately six hours of light exposure and offers six hours of ultra-high intensity light and up to 90 hours of light when dimmed.

Because Panasonic found it essential to distribute thesesolar energy lampsin regions that do not have access to electricity?
In Black Africa and in some regions of Asia, there are many deaths caused by kerosene lamps. Kerosene lamps cause fires, they also emit toxic fumes and do not provide an adequate amount of light.

Theresolar powered lantern BG-BL03was equipped with a USB input, in this way, thepowercollected with the 3.5 watt solar panel can be used to charge a mobile phone. Panasonic has decided to distribute this product in Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia. The company, with the "100 Thousand Solar Lanterns Project", has promised to donate a total of 100,000 solar-powered electric lamps to the global South. The distribution ofsolar lampswill end by 2018.

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