How to make popsicles at home: tips and recipes

How to make popsicles at home: tips and recipes

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Fresh and low in calories, but so greedy that even children like it, popsicles are an excellent ultralight snack or a dessert after dinner, in summer. They would be, in truth, if they didn't contain so much sugar and so many additives and dyes. There is a solution, however, and it is also simple. Indeed, the solutions are as many as the recipes that we propose here, to learn how to make popsicles at home. The ingredients are very important and in this way we can choose to prepare popsicles with lots of fruit and little sugar and not even a little dyes. There is something for all tastes and even those who cannot cook can achieve good results.

How to make popsicles at home: tips

Before seeing some tasty and original recipes, we begin to understand how to make popsicles with balanced ingredients and not sugar bombs which in the long run can create problems. Fortunately, there are substances that can replace sugar and are natural substances such as stevia, rice malt or maple syrup. Before going to buy one, however, let's try to make some sugar-free popsicles with very ripe fruit that will probably be very sweet on its own.

In addition to the ingredients, which are usually very simple to find, it is important to have that minimum of equipment to obtain some icicles with pleasant and practical shapes to eat. A set of washable and reusable molds and sticks can be useful so as not to create too much avoidable waste every time we eat a popsicle.

How to make homemade popsicles: methods

There are processes involving popsicle making that you need to learn. Nothing complicated, just to have an idea of ​​what awaits us. We are dealing with della fruit that we must "reduce" into a popsicle. When the we whisk, therefore, better do it so that they remain gods pieces of fruit every now and then to have two sweets and two different textures.

If it proves necessary sweeten, we must take into account the fact that when the food is cold it has a “muffled” taste so the preparation must be sweeter than we want it without, open the freezer and put them in. We make sure that they are well in the center otherwise there may be stability problems in the tasting phase. To solidify a popsicle on average they need about 7 hours, then it is rather automatic to extract them from the molds. A critical moment could be when we insert the wooden stick, if we have chosen to use that. Better to start freezing the popsicles without and after about an hour, when they have taken a bit of consistency, insert the stick.

Here are some ideas for making gods greedy popsicles with healthy and original ingredients. There is a lot of fruit but not only that and let's start immediately with popsicle recipes that mix fruit with something else. For example, the one with rice and strawberry milk. It is prepared by reducing in a puree with a mixer 250 grams of ripe strawberries and mixing them with 100 ml of organic rice milk. The mixture obtained is poured into molds and put to freeze.

Always rice milk can be associated with currant: 70ml of organic brown rice milk is needed for some currant pearls. Just mix these two ingredients without blending anything and then freeze. There are also yogurt-based popsicles, always associated with fruit. Take the packaged yogurt and mix it with pureed fruit to taste. We can decide the proportions, there are those who love fruit in abundance, those who prefer to feel the flavor of yogurt that prevails.

There is also a fruit-free popsicle, all based on green tea and really trivial to prepare. Just have a bag of green tea and lemon juice at hand, with a little sweetener. The tea is prepared with 250 ml of water and the lemon is added. Once the tea has cooled, we can put it in the molds and let it freeze.

How to make homemade popsicles with fruit

Now let's turn to fruit popsicles and without added sugar, definitely the easiest and suitable for children who will love them even if they are not as colorful as the industrial ones. In summer, the must is the watermelon one that we can only make with chopped watermelon, then put into molds, or with watermelon and dark chocolate flakes, to be mixed before freezing. Another popsicle that is very suitable for summer and which is very popular is the banana one.

Let's take two ripe bananas, lemon juice and water. We whisk all in a mixer and then transfer to the ice lolly molds to leave it in the freezer for six hours. Banana can be nicely paired with another fruit.

The best two flavor popsicles are that blueberry and strawberries or bananas and kiwi but also bananas and apple not bad. The apple also goes well with. The apple is taken in juice, and the blueberry is used mostly for decoration. With strawberries we can also try dried prunes: 250 g of strawberries and 5 prunes, with 100 g of water. As usual just blend.

We end with an icicle that accompanies us towards winter, the orange one. It should simply be prepared with orange juice, and if we want we can mix it with some lemon juice or grapefruit if we are not afraid of getting a slightly acidic popsicle. We can always sugar it!

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