How to protect yourself from air conditioning: tips

How to protect yourself from air conditioning: tips

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You can also have virtuous behavior at home but it is always important to know how to protect yourself from air conditioning in summer because danger is always lurking. In shops, on the train, in the office and at the airport, but also in many other places that we can happen to frequent and that keep us at 10 degrees below zero when there are dozens and dozens more of them outside.

It is not only an unpleasant situation but also the air too cold it can also have harmful effects on our health, starting from headaches, sinusitis, joint or abdominal pain but also other far more serious ailments. It is not always possible to ask to turn off the air conditioning or to use it moderately, I recently happened to take a train trip in a situation of extreme discomfort. All the passengers were hibernating like me but there was no way to fix the temperature and as soon as we arrived at our destination, some more and some less, we immediately had a real thermal shock. As far as possible, so we try to arrive prepared and ready to defend ourselves from this all-summer danger.

How to defend yourself from air conditioning: tips

Here are a few extremely practical advice and easy to follow, to learn how to protect yourself from air conditioning, in the office or at home. Everywhere. Even if the air is cold, we drink a lot of water to protect the respiratory tract which is at risk of drying out. Even the skin dries up and by drinking we make sure that the frozen air does not ruin it.

If we have air conditioning in the house, we try to use it wisely. The heat is certainly annoying and can also prevent us from sleeping, but woe to it falling asleep with the air conditioning on. There is a high risk of waking up very sore. This happens because while we sleep, our body temperature drops and when we wake up we may get a headache or we may feel joint pain. The home air conditioner must be kept at its best, let's remember to clean the filters that can become the kingdom of bacteria and cause us diseases out of season.

When we set up our system, we try not to act on our stomach, choosing polar temperatures just because there are African ones outside. We must always keep in mind the rule that says the difference between outside and inside temperature it must not be higher than 5 degrees. This is certainly an environmental choice because keeping the air conditioning at too low a temperature consumes a lot of energy. However, it is also a selfishly healthy choice because temperature changes are the most damage to our body. Colds, cervical, digestive disorders… Better to avoid and stick to the rule.

If we are in a public place we cannot regulate the temperature to our liking, so we have to somehow make do and learn how protect yourself from air conditioning. Let's equip ourselves and, at the cost of looking a little original, bring a scarf or a lightweight jersey to be extracted when we enter a room where it is freezing. Bars, offices, the supermarket, the train ... Another important precaution to avoid getting sick from the air is to avoid exposure to direct flow. This always applies but it is essential when we are sweaty

How to protect yourself from air conditioning: the victims

We can all fall victim to air conditioning ailments but there are categories of people who need to be careful to avoid paying dearly for carelessness. The people most at risk are certainly those over the age or i very young children, or all those who suffer of sinusitis and rhinitis, asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

What are the classic air conditioning ailments? The most frequent are headaches, sinusitis, colds and neck pain, but joint or abdominal pain may also emerge, or in some cases dysentery. Even the skin, in the long run, can be damaged due to an air conditioner too cold. The hydrolipidic film becomes thin and the skin dries up, which is why we must drink as much as possible even if the temperature does not lead us to do so.

How to protect yourself from air conditioning: numbers

If these tips and this article may seem trivial and obvious, let's take a look at the figures that also this year tell us how we Italians underestimate the damage that bad use of air conditioning causes.
THE respiratory and intestinal viruses for example, they spread more easily when there is air conditioning and continuous temperature changes. In Italy, viral disorders affecting the respiratory tract number about 100,000 and those affecting the gastrointestinal system 20-30,000 this summer.

Very often these are ailments that do not last long, a few days at the most, but they are not at all pleasant both for those who work in the summer and for those on vacation. Run your nose, diarrhea, or vomiting, and severe headaches may occur.

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