Task Force saves Greece

Just a few weeks ago, in Greece, some banks have carried out gods forced withdrawals from private accounts to save the country from collapse. This operation only plays a "buffer" role and will not serve to save the state from pressing economic crisis, to restore the public debtrather, thesolar power and the intervention of Germany. Greece and Germany have formally committed themselves to an initiative that aims to strengthen the economic situation of the Euro zone through the exploitation of natural resources, in particular of Sun.

The agreement between Germany and Greece provides for the preparation of photovoltaic systems resulting in the creation of new jobs related to the sector of green economy. The operation will use a funding fund granted by the EU and will provide Greece with an export product sustainable finally solving the country's energy problem.

In Greece, the solar sector has great potential but because of the economic crisis growth is slow. Thanks to the agreement signed between Greece and Germany, the country of Berlin will invest a capital of 250,000 euros in Greece, entirely intended for solar sector. This capital represents only a quarter of the funds to be invested in Greece, with the European Union program it is expected to bring a capital of one million euros, the program is seen as a "Task Force " to save the country with its capital Athens from financial meltdown.

This Task Force is initiated by Germany, which with its experience in the solar sector it will be able to create the right infrastructures for energy transmission and to set up everything needed to produce clean energy. The intervention of Germany will guarantee the production of solar power low price.

Greece will export clean energy in other countries, bringing change across Europe: a new producer will be included among the energy suppliers! The role of Greece is crucial not only for the fight against climate change but also to decrease Europe's dependence on energy imports from countries such as Russia, imports characterized by instability and prices that too often hit peaks.

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