How to know if a person thinks of you

How to know if a person thinks of you

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You would like to find out how to know if a person thinks of you but you are also a bit afraid that ... you don't think of yourself as the person you want. It is a beautiful dilemma and we are not obliged to go and find out the answers to delicate questions that can hurt us. But let's start to find out what are the signals that can help us understand if in general a certain person is thinking about it, then we decide how and when to use these tricks to learn more what a friend feels for us.

When we ask ourselves how to know if a person thinks of you, we do not explain "how" he can do it. There are many reasons why we find ourselves thinking about another, sometimes there aren't any, at least not explicit, and it happens that a friend or ex, colleague or acquaintance, they pop into our minds when we least expect it. Why? There is not necessarily a reason, but we begin to learn to recognize when we think recursively and unexpectedly about a certain person. Awareness is the first step, then it is up to us to decide whether to deepen or not.

How to know if a person thinks of you: messages from the body

To better understand what clicks in a person who thinks about it, let's reverse the situation and let's ask ourselves how we behave when we find ourselves thinking about someone else. By doing this reasoning, we are able to trace important signals that we can sometimes feel physically, when we are "objects" of other people's thoughts. Let's see some of them

We can happen to try some strong and unexpected emotions, apparently not associated with particular events. We feel a kind of energy, a luminous flux that floods us and the source is a person's face. Here, we are at the center of his thoughts, most likely, and we perceive this with the body and with the thought, even if there is no one who comes to tell us. What happens is a kind of passage of energy which can be positive or even negative. Self a wave of sadness invades us for no reason, it could be that some people want to be in our thoughts but they are not, this makes them sad and rebound, almost magically, we become sad too.

Our eyes itch but we are not allergic to anything, Didn't we stare at the screen too much and no specks of dust entered our eye sockets? Then someone somewhere in the world is thinking intensely about us or talking about us. Speaking or talking? It depends. If the right eye hurts us the most, then it could be a positive situation, if it's the left one, much more likely that those who are thinking about it have bad intentions and connect negative feelings to our person. Attention, it is not a rule. Not every time that the left eye is irritated, there is a person who is speaking ill of us.

Have you ever blushed for no reason, as if someone was staring at us but in fact no one is? You are not crazy, no. Quite simply, you are in someone's thoughts who cannot fail to put you at the center of their actions. Here then is that we perceive that we are the focus of his thoughts and this embarrasses us a little, on an unconscious level, making us blush.

Very similar is the mechanism that can lead to show a persistent subconscious smile, even for about ten seconds. These are those moments when those in our company find themselves unarmed and do not understand what reason we have to smile with a slightly lost and dreamy look. Difficult to explain, but perhaps it is the effect of a person not present who is thinking intensely about us, in a positive way.

How to know if a person thinks of you: rumors

There are also many popular beliefs related to other people's thinking. One of the best known is linked to the discovery of white feathers, one of the most emblematic signs of the psychic world. In fact, it is believed that if suddenly found, someone we have lost will think of us and send us messages of affection. For those who believe in it, it is a kind of connection between the real world and the afterlife, an experience that may seem surreal but to which one sometimes clings to comfort oneself from the pain of a loss that has never been fully accepted.

Another more banal belief concerns the falling of objects. Self during the day Objects keep falling from our hands, so there is someone who is thinking about it from afar. It is as if he is observing us and we perceive him, this gaze aimed at us makes us clumsy and objects fall from our hands.

There are many other signs to tell if a certain person is thinking about us and how they are doing it. Realizing it is easier if you have this person in front of you: non-verbal language tells a lot, sometimes reveals too much. From a distance everything is more difficult but perhaps even more intriguing.

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