Vegetable charcoal pizza

Vegetable charcoal pizza

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Vegetable charcoal pizza: black pizza recipe and useful information. Impact of charcoal on health, where to buy activated charcoal.

Thereblack pizzait is not burnt at all, it has only been prepared with an extra ingredient: thecharcoal. ThecharcoalorActivated carbonsees many areas of application. It is used as a food additive and in the medical sector it is used for its high absorbency, for the treatment of certain poisonings. Some subject matter experts claim that thecharcoalit would be able to absorb toxins from the body but there is no definite evidence on this alleged benefit.

Please note: thecharcoalit has nothing to do with the charcoal you use to light the bbq! It looks more like theActivated carbonwhich is used in water filtration systems, only what you use to make theblack pizzait is of "food grade", ie it does not contain impurities and can be ingested.

Charcoal can be used for both recipe of Neapolitan pizza and Roman pizza, both for focaccia and homemade bread.

Vegetable charcoal pizza

Thereblack pizzaorcharcoal pizzaretains thecharacteristic flavor of pizza, the quantities ofActivated carbonadditions are minimal to leave the old taste of pizza unaltered. What changes is the appearance, theblack pizzait is surprising and charcoal seems to be widespread in recent years. Indeed, between 2016 and 2017 it reached a real boom so that in the bakery you could find someblack bread. The black pizza, for the first time, seems to have appeared not in Naples, where we all expect it, but in Puglia, in 2014. In the two-year period 2019 - 2020, the curiosity for charcoal pizzais not over yet.

The boom of theActivated carbonit seems to have exploded because several have associated with that ingredientbenefits, many of which, however, have no scientific foundation.

Is charcoal pizza bad for you?

The question has stirred the opinion of many public health experts. TheActivated carbonit has a strong absorbent power and, in our organism, in addition to absorbing toxins, as already explained above, it can also absorb drugs or active ingredients that are part of therapeutic treatments, making them ineffective.

Therefore, those who follow an antidepressant-based therapy, use birth control pills or use pills to regulate blood pressure, should completely avoid the use of activated charcoal, and yes, they should not abuse thecharcoal pizza.

The continued use of thecharcoalit can cause constipation because of this powerful absorbent properties.

Therecharcoal pizzait does not hurt if eaten sporadically, prolonged use of activated carbon can cause unwanted effects. It can prevent the absorption of drugs and cause constipation.

Black pizza: recipe and how to make it

If you are thinking of preparing oneactivated carbon pizza, remember that charcoal will not make your pizza healthier but only colored.

Thecharcoal in the kitchen it should be treated like any otherfood coloringand nothing more. Despite the many speculations about its benefits, the only strong point is its absorbent power, but it is "good for you" only in particular cases (intoxication, poisoning ...).

Having clarified this, howevermake a charcoal pizzayou needfood grade activated carbon, after I will explain where to buy it.

How much charcoal to add to make a pizza?
The quantity is up to you based on the shade of black you want to achieve. On average, I tell you that you can add about 10/15 grams of activated charcoal for every kilogram of flour to obtain ablack pizza, very dark.

This "food coloring" must be added to the flour at the time of mixing. The flavor of theactivated carbon pizzait is absolutely identical to the classic pizza.

From a scenographic point of view, the condiment that best lends itself to the black dough is that of the classic caprese: fresh tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil! A triptych of colors and taste: the same colors as the Italian flag, only on a black background.

Where to buy charcoal for black pizza?

There black pizza recipe is the same as that of the classic pizza, you will have to add, together with the salt, the powdered activated carbon. So, if you want to do the activated carbon pizzayou needfood grade charcoal,there are also charcoal flours or black pizza flours. When you buy black flour, beware that it could probably be black rice flour… so the result of the recipe will be completely different.

The I recommend is to use the classic pizza flour and add powdered activated carbon. Activated carbon can be found in shops specializing in confectionery or bakery, alternatively you can take advantage of the online purchase by visiting "this Amazon page" where you will find various proposals. Make sure you choose "food grade charcoal".

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