How to overcome shyness

How to overcome shyness

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Even the most daring happen to find themselves wondering how to overcome shyness because this sensation is human and everyone can experience it. It depends on the context, the moment you are passing by, the people you meet and the economic and physical well-being you enjoy. There are conditions that lead us to be shy, perhaps suddenly, perhaps perpetually.

Anyway, let's go and discover gods little tricks to try to overcome shyness before it becomes a pathological condition, experienced as a tragedy. It happens to everyone to feel awkward and embarrassed but we must not accept this situation helplessly, we can react, take action and reverse the perception we have of ourselves at that moment.

Being shy is not always meant in a negative way, shyness can also be beautiful and fascinating, it can protect us, it can make us sensitive and more capable of listening and empathizing with each other. The important thing is that it does not become a condition that inhibits our actions and prevents us from being ourselves and realizing our dreams.

If out of shyness we can't socialize with anyone, if out of shyness we never attend meetings passing through people without opinions, if out of shyness we don't look at those who heal us in the face, it's better to try to change. Not suddenly, not in a radical way, but by making sure that shyness is not a prison but a resource.

How to overcome shyness: tips

Let's start with the basic rules that are very easy to write but extremely difficult to put into practice because they ask us to change our way of thinking and approach to life. Before we get discouraged, before we get intimidated, let's read them and see what we can do. Even a small step in this direction can be important and revolutionary.

Let's start with it stop judging ourselves it's bad. Shy people often censor themselves, they believe they are not capable, not good enough, beautiful, intelligent, strong ... and they self repress their way of being ashamed. If you feel a hypercritical eye on you but no one next to you, it is yourself with your shyness that you are judging yourself without mercy. You are suffocating your disposition, let it go!

The second step is easy to say: after you have stopped judging, you begin to dare. What do you mean? Doing something new, breaking the ice, not giving a damn about a lot of paranoia and choosing to expose ourselves so that whatever happens, better than standing at the stake while everyone else lives, except us.

To decrease one's level of shyness, it is necessary to start accepting ourselves as we are. How do you do? Is there a method? There are so many and each must find their own. We begin to realize that you don't have to be perfect and nobody is, we look at our defects in the face and begin to love them and play them down, they are what make us special. We think of someone we love and admire, notice that they have flaws and that we love and admire them anyway. Why not do the same thing while looking in the mirror?

How to overcome shyness: tricks

Self-irony it is certainly a very precious weapon against shyness. It is a trump card that can be played in many situations and which is of great help to the timid as well as the tragic and paranoid. If we learn to laugh at our faults and mistakes, everything changes, life smiles at us and even those who meet us smile at us.

Listening and harmony with the other are also important elements and that help us not to be too shy. In fact, if we begin to shift our attention from ourselves to others, we will have less performance anxiety and we will realize how beautiful and serene it is to be imperfect together with everyone else around us. Even the self-critical voice is silenced if we begin to be less self-centered

Let's take a diary and in order not to lose training, we face a little shyness challenge every day. In this way we get used to putting ourselves to the test a little at a time and we are able to gain ground and self-confidence. We write the challenge of the day, in the morning, we go back to writing how it went in the evening, and if we do not feel changed or are afraid of not making it, we leaf through the pages already written to realize the steps taken and our ability to challenge and win. . To evolve.

Practicing physical activity can also help overcome shyness. May it be yoga, tai chi, boxing, dancing or running, the important thing is to acquire fluidity, harmony and greater confidence with your body. This is how day after day we will feel less clumsy and awkward, more at ease and therefore less shy.

In addition to dedicating time to a sport, it is also important take moments to pamper yourself and to do things we love. It doesn't seem like it but it is a practice that makes us stronger and more confident, a big step forward if we want to learn how to overcome shyness.

How to overcome shyness: opinions

We have tried to provide some advice but each must find your own way, even looking inside and understanding the reasons for their way of doing. For example, there are those who are like this because they unconsciously do everything to avoid conflict. In order not to enter into conflict with someone, in order not to oppose the opinion of others, one becomes shy and reduces oneself to apparently helpless and opinionless people. But is the conflict so terrible? It depends. There are very constructive exchanges of views and, as the films teach, very often a lot of constructive energy is released from conflict.

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