Long-eared owl and eagle owl

Long-eared owl and eagle owl

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Few know the scientific name of the long-eared owl: is Asio Otus. This bird is also well known because of the many legends in which it wraps itself, it is widespread in Europe but also in Asia and North America, it lives mainly in the woods and coniferous forests even if the climatic and landscape changes have a little upset his habits.

It is difficult to see it around during the day, in the sunlight, because it is a nocturnal bird of prey and this often penalized him by making him look like a bad animal or bring bad luck. Instead, it is an interesting animal to know and that has its own charm if you go and see it up close, ignoring the evil tongues against it.

Owl: what it eats

The owl certainly cannot be defined as a vegetarian animal because eats birds, mice and other small mammals, but also of insects, moths, spiders and lizards. His diet is definitely carnivorous, he hardly touches any food of plant origin even if he has a rather varied diet. It is impressive to think that a bird of prey gets to eat small snakes, however, if it manages to ingest them it will gladly savor them.

Owl - brings good luck or bad luck

In some traditions this animal is avoided and pointed out as bird of ill omen, so much so that one often hears "gufare", which means to bring bad luck and row against. and an "owl" is defined as someone who brings bad luck. With the same conviction, however, in other cultures the owl turns out to be an animal that does well and that can change the fate of those who see it, in a positive way. So what should we think? Perhaps it is just an animal, which makes its own life and must be respected.

However, we find it very present in legends, stories, films and books. In the Hispanic and Christian tradition it is a good luck charm and alsoand symbol of wisdom and spirituality. A Spanish legend tells how the owl became a nocturnal bird after witnessing the crucifixion of Jesus because from that moment it continues to remember that event, repeating in its typical verse the word cruz, meaning cross.

In some situations, however, it may come spontaneously to think of owls as birds of ill omen, especially if one pays attention to their dark verse, their shy nature and their decidedly nocturnal habits. However, if you believe in fairy tales, in those that are told to children, then this bird of prey becomes a wise and erudite character, who shares his knowledge with the whole animal community he meets but, at the same time, is also fussy and touchy.

Leafing through some children's books, we find owls almost everywhere. Neither "The sword in the Stone", There is Anacleto, the owl who lives with Merlin, and then I am Uffa, the owl living in the famous Hundred Acre Wood which is the scene of the adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Bambi's owl, Grandma in Red and Toby enemies and the Great Owl from the movie Brisby and Nimh's Secret.

Certainly could not miss this bird of prey in the famous and highly appreciated saga of Harry Potter, and with an important role: to deliver the mail of the magicians. In the anime Haikyū !! owls are the symbol of Fukurōdani while in the film "The kingdom of Ga’Hoole - The legend of the guardians", owls play a leading role, together with other birds of prey, always nocturnal. On TV we find these birds in the series The secrets of Twin Peaks in which they are referred to as one of the forms in which BOB can be incarnated while in another comic series, Watchmen ", there is a character named after the owl. It is "Nite Owl I". It is also called this because it has the habit of waking up in the night and hunting in the dark.

Long-eared owl and eagle owl

When you go to discover the characteristics of the long-eared owl it is very important to be careful not to confuse it with the real one. Between the two there is a difference above all in size. That Real is definitely bigger! It is the largest nocturnal bird of prey in Europe and can reach a wingspan of almost 2 meters while the common one reaches a maximum of one meter.

Long-eared owls inhabit the woods and coniferous forests of Europe, Asia and North America. They look for areas where the vegetation is densest to have some privacy and to nest in peace, and there must also be space to hunt prey at night, so they often prefer to stay on the edge of the woods.

The Reale also lives in other areas, such as the northern part of Africa. It is also very present in Italy, both in the Alps and in the Apennines, where forests and woods sprout from the rocky bottom.

Owl and owl

Another animal that owls can be confused with are the owls. Indeed they are both raptors and have some characteristics in common but they belong to different species and show important differences.
The points in common concern, for example, the head, large, and the eyes with a very round shape, which takes on different colors. In both animals, the neck rotates 270 degrees, owls and owls also have the same diet and therefore hunt the same prey. How to distinguish them then? For example by observing them carefully physical aspect. Owls have two tufts on their heads that owls don't have.

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