How to steam vegetables

How to steam vegetables

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How to prepare steamed vegetableswith or without steamer, recipe for steaming vegetables in the microwave. Lots of ideas and tips for toppings. How to use the basket or electric steamer.

Steam cooking

That avaporit is a very healthy cooking technique. Thesteamed vegetablesare a simple and healthy dinner: cooking avaporis one of the best ways to cookvegetablesso as to keep the nutritional properties unaltered. Vitamins are thermolabile, so by boiling or frying, they are lost! Another advantage of cooking a vapor it is the absence of condiments such as fat and sodium. Any portion ofsteamed vegetablesit will have a calorie content of about 25 calories!

Whichvegetableschoose for cooking avapor

Which vegetables are suitable for steaming? Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, asparagus, artichokes, courgettes and beans are particularly suitable for cookingvapor because being "robust " will not turn into a "mush " retaining their original appearance. Thevegetablesleafy greens are suitable for cooking avaporbut they must be exposed for less time. Betweensteamed vegetablesless cooked are red turnips, radishes and new potatoes… highly recommended!

How to prepare thesteamed vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower and turnips have longer cooking times, so if you are in a hurry, cut them into slices or smaller pieces before starting the stove. How do you proceed?

You need a pot with water and a steamer basket.

Fill the pot with three liters of water, place the basket full of vegetables right above the pot. Bring the water to a boil and from this moment it will take approximately 5 to 15 minutes to finish cooking, it all depends on the thickness of thevegetablesthat they are cooking. Do not forget to close the steamer basket: if the steam disperses, it will not be possible to cook thevegetables.

If you don't have a suitable one pot for steaming,use a classic saucepan and place a well-heat-resistant loose mesh colander on top and use a fairly large plate as a lid.

On the market it is possible to buy baskets with different diameters. We do not recommend the purchase of special pots for steam cooking because the holes for the passage of steam are generally more limited than the holes in the narrow mesh of the baskets. In short, you pay them more and they see longer steaming times.

Conversely, knitted baskets guarantee shorter steaming times, especially when the pot is well capped.

Steam cooking in a pressure cooker

With the right diameter basket, you can also steam in the pressure cooker, however, since the vegetables are very tender and do not require long cooking times, the classic pot with a basket is enough to steam vegetables. which allows food to be raised and separated from water.

Steamer for steaming vegetables

There are many steam generators on the market: electric or gas. Both take place vertically and have multiple shelves to accommodate the food being cooked. There are also compact metal steamers, able to be housed in the pressure cooker!

As stated, if your aim is tosteaming vegetables, it's not worth buying one steamer, on the contrary, if you intend to cook shellfish or fish steaks, eggs, corn or even make steamed bread, such a device could be useful.

To get an idea of ​​the cost of onesteamer, we would like to point out a product with an excellent value for money, it is a three-storey electric steamer, which allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously, or just one (placing only one level). The water must be placed in a special tank at the base. The individual components are dishwasher safe.

For all the info on the price and thesteamerwe refer you to the dedicated Amazon page: Russel Hobbs 19270-56. The promotional price is € 30.32 and shipping costs are free. It is an excellent oneelectric steamerwhich absorbs, when used at maximum power, 800 watts of energy.

How to steam vegetables in the microwave

For steam in the microwaveyou need to have a special set ofsteaming in plastic, it is a plastic created precisely to allow steaming in the microwave. The size and shape are the most disparate so as to adapt to the oven a microwave smaller.

For steaming vegetables in the microwave just put a cup of water in the base of the plastic pot, add the food to be cooked in the basket and seal with the lid. All kits for steaming vegetables in the microwave they can also be washed in the dishwasher or placed in the refrigerator or freezer.

Among the variousmicrowave steameravailable on the market we point out the 2.2 l Kitchen Craft steamer for its good value for money: it can be bought with € 10.99, it is composed of three parts and very easy to use.

Its dimensions make it suitable even for smaller microwave ovens (it is about 14 cm high and has a diameter of 21 cm). Whichever product you buy, be sure to buy a certified containernon-toxic, therefore free of potentially harmful plastic compounds such as BPA, PFOA and PTFE.

How do you steam vegetables in the microwave?

Theresteaming in the microwave it is very fast: the cooking times for potatoes are about 8 minutes at a power of 700 watts, it is possible to reduce the power and cooking time by slicing the potatoes and vegetables into thinner strips.

For allsteaming times in the microwave, you can rely on those of the classic steamers or our table published on the pageSteam cooking times.

How do you steam in the microwave?
For thesteaming in the microwave all you have to do is add a few cm of water to the base of the "pot", fill the basket with vegetables, cover with the appropriate lid and start the microwave at 700 watts.

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