Immune defenses: how to increase them

Immune defenses: how to increase them

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Especially in winter, or when leaving for a long and adventurous journey, we often wonder how to increase immunitary defense so as not to get sick. What does this mean in practice? We imagine the troops of little creatures lined up in defense of our health, a bit as if they were characters from the well-known cartoon "The human body" and we do not go into more detail on what instead keeps microbes and bacteria at bay. It is time to go beyond our imaginative representation of immunitary defense to understand how they are really composed.

Immune defenses: what they are

When we talk about defenses we are talking about a real one immune system because we are talking about a set of elements that we all, if in good health, are able to field for defend ourselves from threats. It could be viruses, bacteria, parasites from the external environment but also the internal environment can undermine our health with crazed cells, cancer cells, or malfunctioning cells.

The immunitary defense they are not a homogeneous army but made up of different elements. There are organs, tissues, cell types and glycoproteins, all of which can be activated in order to attack anything that poses a potential threat to the body.

That said, it is still very vague, so here are some examples. Tissues and organs such as are part of our immune system the skin, spleen, tonsils, bone marrow, thymus and lymph nodes. Let's not forget the "cells" category in which i White blood cells (granulocytes, monocytes and lymphocytes), and that of "glycoproteins" among which antibodies are mentioned.

Low immune defenses

When the immunitary defense are low you are more susceptible to infections, it is therefore essential to do something to strengthen them and soon we will see some tricks to do so. But why are they low? There are many causes ranging from lifestyle to certain pathologies that have this weakening among the symptoms. If it is a disease, there is a need to treat it to settle down, if instead it is a question of lifestyle, it is life that needs to be fixed, perhaps by resolving a stressful situation, quitting smoking, eating better and resting adequately.

There are times when the immunitary defense they are low and it does not depend on us, as often happens for example during the change of season.

Let's take a closer look at some easily modifiable factors that may be at the basis of a weakening of the immune system. Psycho-physical stress is one of them, which weighs on us immunitary defense, lowering them. The excessive use of antibiotics can also be a significant factor in this regard. What happens? These drugs can deplete the bacterial flora housed in our body to dampen the proliferation of those potentially pathogenic microorganisms normally present in some parts of the body. There candida albicans it is one of the microorganisms that can take advantage of it to proliferate.

In order not to have immunitary defense low it is also very important to lead a healthy life from all points of view. No smoking and little alcohol but not only that, it is also important to do physical activity and ensure an adequate number of hours of sleep, as well as eating regularly and healthy, varied and balanced. At the table we must ensure that we take in a sufficient amount of proteins in order to guarantee the production and functionality of those glycoproteins that belong to our immune system.

Having reached a certain age, it will still be inevitable to have low immune defenses, this happens because some organs dedicated to the production of white blood cells become less and less effective.

Immune defenses: how to increase them

The time has come to find out how strengthen the immune system, which we have already partially revealed in the previous paragraph. One of the first actions to do is to "fix" your lifestyle by setting yourself up and adopting one diet rich in fruits and vegetables, doing regular exercise, keeping body weight and blood pressure under control, quitting smoking and never overdoing alcohol. It is also very important to sleep, at least 7-8 hours a night, and - it seems obvious but it is better to specify - observe the rules of correct personal hygiene in a very rigorous way.

If, even doing all this, our defenses remain low, we can ask for help from homeopathy and medicinal plants that can support us with their immunostimulating and adaptogenic action.

Immune defense: homeopathy

Among the many medicinal plants, those with an immunostimulating and adaptogenic action should be chosen to receive help in strengthening the weakened immune system.

There are several natural preparations to choose from, depending on the causes of the weakening. If everything starts from a psycho-physical stress situation, it is better to opt for those plants that have antioxidant properties, to decrease the free radicals that contribute to stress, or tonic-stimulants and immuno-stimulants. It may also happen that the weakening is instead linked to a situation of asthenia from physical fatigue, so you need a plant that is cardiotonic, exciting and immuno-modulating in order to invigorate and energize the body.

When, in addition to needing a boost to the immune system, we want to relax, we can choose an herbal tea, the alternative are effervescent sachets, based on echinacea, astragalus and other useful elements for the success of the product.

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