Distress: causes, symptoms and how to defeat it

Distress: causes, symptoms and how to defeat it

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L'distress it is a word that I consider almost onomatopoeic, it is a sensation that creeps into us and that takes possession not only of our mind but also of our body. Anyone who has ever tried it at least once in their life, I all think, knows well that it is not just one mood but it is reflected in even physical sensations. Self conditioning or not, you can also feel very bad. Let's see together the most common symptoms of this sensation but also the possible natural cures, some advice to try to get better and at least reduce the intensity of this bad feeling a little.

Anguish: what it is

Everyone knows what it is or has a vague idea of ​​it, but often in talking one ends up exchanging it with the others states of anxiety. There is a big difference and let's clarify it immediately. The first is a precise emotion and comes in the form of a crisis, while anxiety is of a more chronic nature.

Distress: Symptoms

It can begin with a sensation that seems to be that ofanxiety, but then it goes further. Let us dwell on what may initially seem like a common passing anxiety. It is a much more common feeling than anguish and can occur in an uncontrolled or excessive way.

When it begins, however, it also begins for no apparent reason or for a minimal triggering reason which, rationally, should not give rise to anxiety or even something else. more serious. Since we are rational beings up to a certain point, anxiety can grow out of nowhere become uncontrolled and unleashing more sensational states of panic.

However, although not as powerful as the anguish, anxiety is still considered a true pathology with somewhat mysterious or at least very different causes from person to person. Every time you have to investigate. In general, however, there are factors that play an important role, especially when anxiety becomes chronic and leads to something more.

There are cases in which anxiety dates back to earliest childhood, perhaps it is inherited from hyper-anxious parents who transmit their anxieties to their children. The opposite can also happen, that is, parents who are too demanding come to generate a lack of trust giving rise to generalized anxiety and to a state of anguish that continues into adulthood.

It is always very difficult to talk about difference between the two sensations, it is subtle, it is an invisible border that each of us can place where he believes in a certain way. In medicine, anxiety is described and considered as an exasperated form of anxiety. The crises of anguish, theoretically, are accompanied by physical and even neurological manifestations. A person who is distressed in the truest sense of the word can also forcefully and involuntarily contract the muscles.

Anguish: causes

We have already mentioned the possible causes of anguish, when it starts from small ones temporary anxieties that become chronic and more and more trodden, with symptoms gradually "heavier" to tolerate. There are also cases in which anguish is not a crescendo of anxiety but a check following a shock. I want to remember that shock does not necessarily mean a tragic event according to everyone, each of us can suffer a shock depending on our sensitivity, for things that others do not even notice. Be careful not to generalize too much.

Distress: natural cures

It is not at all easy to manage anxiety and panic attacks, let alone the states of anguish that come to make us "switch off" the brain making us stop thinking. Anguish, even more than anxiety, is often accompanied by strong physical tensions that can cause pain. We can try to undergo massage sessions or, even better, di acupuncture or herbal medicine, to try to relax.

The contribution of practices such as the silvotherapy if we do not have an anguish related to solitude or open spaces. Let's not forget that a healthy lifestyle, rest and a healthy diet do a lot against anxiety, as well as against anxiety. They may not be the only remedy, because there are cases in which it is necessary to resort to gods medications, but they certainly help to re-establish a psycho-physical balance necessary to drive away the anguish in a definitive way.

Anguish: books

Among the many “light” books and autogrill manuals, I recommend a volume that instead goes deep and digs. I warned you. Is titled “Aggression, anguish, guilt”, Written by Melanie Klein. In his book he describes the anguish, the sense of guilt and the influences of the drives in the development of the ego and of the id in childhood development. His descriptions of the fantasies of the very early childhood they ripped open a veil and helped found a real school. As Ernest Jones puts it, it is not too dangerous to say that “Klein went further than Freud.

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