How to avoid fatty foods

How to avoid fatty foods

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Without going crazy and getting on diet here are some tricks to lighten foods that add to the calorie intake.Avoid fatty foods it is possible by acting on various factors.

Cooking method
Frying is certainly to be avoided (even vegetables, if fried become prohibited) and sautéing, especially if the food is brought to high temperatures for a prolonged time. Which alternatives to frying?

  • Use the oven to cook meat or fish by lightly flour the food, obtaining a "fake fried", even adding some breading.
  • Preferably steam the vegetables: all the nutritional values ​​remain unchanged.
  • Boil food using the pressure cooker to reduce preparation time.

The toppings
In moderate quantities, vegetable oils, such as olive or seed oil, can be added (strictly raw): 10/20 grams per day due to the high caloric content. Wine or apple vinegar is promoted, while balsamic vinegar is to be avoided as it is sweetened. Avoid butter, margarine and other animal fats, mayonnaise, ketchup and the like. Butter and mayonnaise can be replaced by ricotta or a light cream cheese.

Replace the sea salt with sodium and potassium and also in this case, the use must be minimal; better still to use spices instead of salt. Basil, oregano, mint, mint, chillies, garlic, onion, thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, bay leaf, in addition to flavoring the dishes, contain useful substances for the body. Even lemon and tomato are a valuable aid in making foods more palatable, without increasing too muchcaloric intake.

Carbonated drinks
For lunch and dinner, you can opt for sparkling water with a sprinkle of orange or lemon. In summer, you can also ask for mint, which is really fresh and regenerating.

Distribution of meals throughout the day
The ideal would be: 7:30 to 8:00 breakfast, 13:00 to 13:30 lunch and 19:30 to 20:00 dinner, going to bed around 22:00. In addition to the three main meals, it is good to have two snacks, one mid-morning and mid-afternoon and, preferably, based on carrots, fennel, a little fruit or low-fat yogurt.

The Yogurt
Fruit yogurt is not exactly a low-fat food. The ideal for those who want to lose weight is the white one, but it doesn't have great flavor. There is a solution? Add slices of fruit, such as apple or banana, to the plain yoghurt so as not to give up the taste.

The sandwiches
You can make a sandwich with wholemeal or wheat bread and stuff it with vegetables, perhaps grilled and other lean foods. Recommended: a sandwich with grilled aubergines, sliced ​​tomatoes and a layer of stracchino. Mayonnaise and other sauces are banned

In pizzeria
Pizza is a complete and balanced food but has a significant caloric intake, about 700 Kcal for the classic "Napoletana" (tomato and mozzarella). It can also be consumed in a low-calorie diet as a substitute for a meal.
In this case, use foods rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates and proteins (fruit and vegetables) for breakfast and lunch.

At the restaurant
Among the most high-calorie foods are French fries which, too often, are accompanied by mayonnaise. They make up most of the side dishes when in a restaurant. This does not mean that every accommodation does not have a substitute with healthy foods. Fried potatoes are often soaked in oil and accompanied by the suspicion that in that restaurant they don't change it that often. Better baked potatoes, perhaps flavored with sage and rosemary.

Diet psychology

  • It is advisable to chew very slowly, waiting at least a few seconds between one forkful and the next, perhaps trying to have a pleasant conversation while waiting.
  • Always keeping the same position causes less emotional stress.
  • Cut into small pieces, spread out and on small plates.
  • Eating on red dishes, some studies show that the brain perceives the red color as a dangerous situation thus anticipating the feeling of satiety.

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