Egg yolk: what it is and nutritional values

Egg yolk: what it is and nutritional values

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The red part and the white part of the egg. We often call them that but we stay speaking of egg white and yolk of the egg, both of which are much talked about because they are often accused of being harmful to our health, or of "gluttony" to be consumed with measure. Of course, in large, enormous quantities, they are not good for anyone, but this applies to all foods. Now let's get to know this better "Red part" of man understanding why it is important not to exclude it from our diet.

Egg yolk: what it is

If there could have been any doubt before, we have just made it clear that the yolk it is in fact the orange / yellow one, although it is often called red. But in the more biological context what is it? It is the part of the cell from which the embryo draws the nourishment necessary for growth. This not only applies to the hen even though we all have her eggs in mind when we talk about them, but it is a definition applicable to any kind of eggs, they all have the same internal structure. As we can see with our eyes, the red of the egg is actually of orange yellow color, the nuances may be different, much depends on the way the hen, or the animal in question, was fed.

When we open an egg we realize that the yolk floats in the egg white, it almost seems to do it by magic but there is an explanation and lies in the presence of chalazion, invisible protein filaments, at least not visible to us with the naked eye.

Egg yolk: nutritional values

The yolk is a very nutritious food, in fact it also contains fats but it is mostly saturated fats, followed by fat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Also in the yolk we also find carbohydrates (3%) and proteins (16%), proteins with a high biological value that contain many essential amino acids and are divided into lipoproteins, phosphorus proteins and pseudoglobulins. In the yolk we also find Mineral salts and vitamins, specifically phosphorus and iron, for the former, and as regards the latter: vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin D, vitamin E and niacin also called vitamin PP.

Egg yolk: how much does it weigh

Now let's talk about the chicken egg, just to be clear, which in fact is the egg that interests us most and that most often we find ourselves cooking to eat. The chicken egg yolk weighs about 18 grams, maximum 20, and the weight is largely due to the presence of water. When cooking it is useful to know this measure as it is also useful to know the conversion in liter. To obtain a liter of yolk, we must use over 50 medium-sized chicken eggs, 54 to be precise. How much to prepare thebeaten egg?

Egg yolk: calories

Always taking into account an average weight of 18 grams, for a chicken egg, we can say that a yolk provides approximately 50-60 calories. I do not hide it also contains a high cholesterol, about 195 mg, about half of what we should be taking each day. At this point, fears or mistrust may arise, towards both the egg and the yolk itself, but the experts are quite serene in saying that consuming 2 eggs a week should not be in any danger.

It goes without saying that this is advice aimed at those who have no background cholesterol problems, if you have them, it is best not to eliminate the egg completely but eat it less frequently, also taking into account all the times when the egg is among the ingredients of more complex preparations. It happens in many desserts that actually contain eggs, but also in fresh pasta.

Egg yolk: properties

Having a high nutritional value, the yolk is able to make many benefits to our body if there is a moderate, reasoned consumption, I would dare to say. Among the properties, let's see some of them, the most important and impacting that have emerged in the studies on this matter.

The eggs, and the yolk in particular, strengthen nails and hair thanks to the presence of mineral salts and vitamins and are a precious source of iron, which is why they are recommended for those suffering from anemia and in general for women who often have deficiencies in this. The yolks help the skeletal system to develop, thanks to the high concentration of vitamin D and phosphorus, also making sure that calcium is fixed in the bones.

A good effect on vision, thanks to vitamin A, and a protective effect on the nervous system, this time thanks to vitamin B. in addition to being a source of iron, chicken egg is also a source of choline, which means that it is capable of stimulate the production of bile and to avoid the accumulation of fat in the arteries. The egg is also good for the brain and memory and is alongside athletes who want to strengthen muscle mass.

Egg yolk: recipes and desserts

When one thinks of eggs in the kitchen, and desserts, it often comes to mind eggnog, obtained simply by vigorously beating the yolk with a few tablespoons of sugar. It is a highly caloric and energizing "cream", it is used not only for its taste but also for the boost it can give especially to weak children.

Other typical egg product is VoV, a liqueur made with egg yolk, marsala, flavorings and sugar, but egg and yolk specifically are present in many sweet and savory doughs, in mayonnaise and in many creams. It is not over, thanks to the chemical and structural properties of the yolk, we find this part of egg used as a dye, emulsifying and binding agent in both pastry and savory products, for example to bind a sauce, to emulsify two ingredients, to brown bread.

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