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Cloves, properties

Cloves, properties

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As it might seem from the name, i cloves they are called so only because they resemble carnations in appearance. They are buds of a tropical plant whose composition is characterized by the predominance of a propenylphenol: eugenol. Thanks to this component, the spice acquires particular aromas and fragrances that have distinguished it not only in the kitchen but also in herbal medicine. Eugenol also has antiseptic and anesthetic powers without neglecting the moderate presence of beta caryophyllene, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Cloves, property
In the past, i cloves they were used as a natural remedy against toothache for their anesthetic and analgesic properties: even today we find their presence in the composition of many oral disinfectants.
According to experts, it seems that cloves are able to stimulate blood circulation, treat headaches. Another virtue attributed to this spice is that of being a powerful natural antioxidant against the action of free radicals.
In the 500 Sienese doctors extolled their beneficial effects on the body, so much so that they claim that cloves could heal stomach, liver and heart.

Cloves, use in the kitchen
THE cloves they are widely used in both savory and sweet recipes to flavor sweets, cooked fruit, biscuits, creams, liqueurs and flavored wines
They can enrich the flavor of soups or meat-based soups. They are used to flavor aged cheeses, some sweet vegetables such as onions and carrots and pickled vegetables. They are also used to flavor tea and infusions.

Cloves as a natural remedy
Cloves can be purchased in herbalist's shops and in shops that sell organic natural products. They are used in the form of herbal teas, infusions, essential oil and mother tincture for their antibacterial, disinfectant, analgesic action. The recommended doses correspond to: 1-2 cloves in 10 ml of boiling water, 25 drops of cloves mother tincture three times a day, 1-5% of essential oil in water for gargles and mouthwashes.

Before use, it is preferable to contact your doctor.

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