How to protect the vegetable garden from parasites in a natural way

How to protect the vegetable garden from parasites in a natural way

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Cultivating the vegetable garden requires specific care if we want to avoid that the harvest can be compromised in some way, throwing away the efforts spent on its cultivation. This is the case with parasites which insinuate themselves into plants, precisely damaging the crop. Let's see in detail how to protect the garden from parasites in a natural way

Parasites in the vegetable garden, remedies with plants
Natural remedies have the advantage of making the vegetables we grow safer without harming insects that are beneficial to plants and their ecosystem, such as ladybugs, earthworms, bees and dragonflies.
To combat parasites that infest our garden, we can grow some "friendly" plants such as chives and garlic: they keep aphids away. With its smell, garlic covers that of other plants thus preventing the proliferation of flies and other harmful insects.
We can then resort to aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme, sage and mint to defend the cabbage from cabbage butterflies.

Parasites in the vegetable garden, natural remedies
To eliminate the first parasites on plants, just use a jet of water or use milk or seed oil. The soil must be kept clean, so it is essential to remove weeds and dry leaves periodically, especially those of the cabbage that attract snails and cabbage.
To preserve the'vegetable garden an excellent remedy is to cover the plants with non-woven fabric: it will keep insects away by allowing water and light to filter through.

Parasites in the vegetable garden, biological insecticides
Aren't all these precautions enough? To effectively remove parasites, we can use "biological insecticides" which consist of decoctions, infusions and herbal extracts.
For example, aphids can be eliminated with an infusion of garlic that you apply on plants and on the ground. A decoction of horsetail, to be applied in the same way, can be useful against plant diseases of fungal origin. With the nettle we can then promote the growth of garden plants, it will be sufficient to let it macerate and then distribute it on the ground: it helps to drive away insects effectively. And the chili? We can reduce it to powder, dilute it with water and spray on the plants, it will be a valid ally against aphids and snails.

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