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Boiler renewal. Which boiler to buy?

Boiler renewal. Which boiler to buy?

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Are you struggling with the renovation of appliances? For washing machines, refrigerators, ovens ... you know that you have to prefer class A +++, but when it comes to water heaters,which boiler to buy? Better aboilerelectric or gas?

From an energy point of view, it is certainly cheaper asolar boiler,they are not missingboilerwith natural circulation, with forced circulation, with emptying and concentration with solar tracker. To produce domestic hot water it is possible to build aDIY solar collector. Of course, the least friend of the environment iselectric water heater.

The best energy strategy is to rely on asolar boileror to a natural gas boiler. Sure, aboilerelectrichas a more affordable purchase price but we assure you that it will make its presence felt on every bill: ours is not a curse toenvironmentalists,rather an informed warning, ielectric boilersthey do not agree with energy saving.

What boiler to buy?Here are all the tips

  • Prefer asolar boileror a natural gas boiler
  • If you opt for aelectric boiler, take a look at the energy label, this must be class A +++ so as to have less impact on domestic electricity consumption
  • Choose aboilerof adequate size: calculate that on average two people consume approximately 60 liters of water per day. When the family consists of 4 or 6 members, you can choose aboilerwith a capacity of 180-200 liters of water. A greater capacity means having to face a bigger expense both at the time of purchase and every two months with the electricity bill!
  • Electric water heaterswhich guarantee a goodenergy savingare those that use a heat pump powered by electricity, this is the case of the Nuos Evo boiler models by Ariston, the Termox by Tekno Point Italia and the Futura,electric water heaterproduced by the house Like.
  • Before purchasing, take a look at the estimates for the installation of asolar boileror a natural gas boiler so as to have more terms of comparison. During the comparison, do not forget to calculate the costs related to the energy consumption of the first two years of the equipment's life.

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