Working holiday with WWOOF

Let's be clear immediately because the title could be misleading: the WWOOFinf it is not a holiday and WWOOF it is not the abbreviation of a low cost travel agency. World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a voluntary organization that spreads the culture and practice of natural agriculture and supports producers in their commitment, which is why it has created a supply-demand network between farms and volunteer farmers who lend their work in exchange for food and accommodation.

So it's clear: If you are looking for a way to travel without spending (nothing wrong with that) it is not al WWOOF that you must contact. If, on the other hand, you like agriculture, you want to learn or learn more about a trade (making cheese, cultivating a vineyard, preparing jams ...) and you are not afraid of work even when it is tough, go ahead. For a year or a month, you decide, you will be able to have an intense work experience and get to know new places, certainly also get a few days as tourists.

The WWOOFing pevede that on one side there is a WWOOFer (the volunteer traveling farmer) and on the other a Host (the host farm or holding). Contact occurs through the network of WWOOF, to which both must be registered (registration WWOOFer costs 25 euros a year including insurance), but directly without mediation: the WWOOFer chooses the farm, asks for hospitality andHost decides whether to accept.

The association WWOOF never forget to remind everyone that the first quality of a WWOOFer is to adapt and integrate into the activities taking place on the host farm, including sharing the background project. The Hosts expect help from WWOOFer, but also attention and interest in the ideas they bring forward. Responsibility, kindness and seriousness are the qualities most requested and reciprocated in a relationship between WWOOFer is Host.

And let's get to the point, how long will you have to work? The answer depends on the project you decide to participate in and your satisfaction also depends on a clear initial communication. The WWOOFer it is not a salary and one cannot ask too much of it, but there are also jobs that must be done at particular times and in ways that are difficult to quantify in hours / day: a certain (mutual) elasticity is essential.

Another thing that WWOOF It is very important to emphasize that the WWOOFing it is not an alternative form of payment of benefits and the relationship WWOOFerHost it does not end in the exchange of hospitality with collaboration. For the experience to be satisfying you need curiosity and a desire to learn. It happens that someone decides to leave (or is asked to leave), but there are also those who stay forever. It depends on you.

Video: WWOOFing in New Zealand on a Dairy Farm - New Zealands Biggest Gap Year (January 2022).