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The guide for a correct food shopping

The guide for a correct food shopping

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In our homes, the sector food it is one of those where the greatest waste occurs, more than energy waste. Every day we throw away large quantities of food because it goes bad or because it has expired. It starts with bread and ends with cheeses and vegetables forgotten in the fridge. The first rule for proper food shopping is not to be tempted by "stocks", a significant reduction in expense it will not give space to waste. If you buy less, you will always have fresh food!

Food shopping, tips for saving and reducing waste

  • The first rule has already been dictated, avoid the food supplies.
    Avoid falling into the temptation of "three for two", of wholesale purchases ... It seems convenient but is it really? Are you sure that three for two is not a strategy to take away more money?
  • For the expense, use the envelopes of the grandmother! Leave the house with your fabric bag, always avoid "disposable" wrappers.
  • We prefer foods that have less cumbersome packaging
  • We buy fresh salad, not the wrapped one: it costs less and if locally produced we also help the economy of our city
  • There food shopping can be made directly from the manufacturer.
    Cut the supply chain, from producer to consumer, the savings will be guaranteed; to do this, find out about the local small breeders and farmers, even if they do not bear the organic label, the foods offered by small producers are always healthier (and often even cheaper) than those offered by large distributions.
  • Choose only traceable products.
    Before putting something in the cart, ask yourself: "where does this product come from? ", always prefer local products. Discounters are too often snubbed, but some chains offer products by geographic region of origin. Don't be snobbish, be smart!
  • Food shopping: fruit and vegetable markets, fish markets and local fairs
    Again, don't be snobbish, be smart!

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