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Renewables for the home

When it comes to save energy in the house, there are many low-cost devices that can help us but the electricity bill could be drastically reduced with the help ofrenewable energy. Bring the renewable in the home means increasing the prestige and economic value of our home, it could be an excellent strategy in the event of an imminent sale of the property as well as the best way to save on your electricity bill.

Renewables for the home, solar panels
Solar panels are the most popular solution for carrying renewable in the home, with advances in technology, photovoltaic prices have dropped. If the municipality of residence struggles to give the necessary permits, the thin film photovoltaic. Photovoltaic roofing systems integrate perfectly with any type of architecture. Another solution that uses solar energy is given by adhesive photovoltaic tapes, these are flexible and applicable practically anywhere, thanks to the amorphous silicon it is possible to offer durable and particularly soft covers, so as to be suitable for the needs of each building.

Renewables for the home, wind turbines
That ofdomestic wind it is an undervalued sector. If you have at least one acre of land (0.4 hectares), the wind turbines can be an incredibly efficient way to produce clean energy. Small wind systems can reduce energy costs by up to 90 percent. The problem ofdomestic wind it is linked to planning: it is necessary to estimate the wind potential by studying the strength of the wind and the duration of windy hours.

Renewables for the home, geothermal energy
It is not necessary to live in a volcanic area to take advantage of thegeothermal energy. Geothermal energy represents could provide to regulate the temperature of the house without having to sustain a monthly fee or drill deeply: at shallow depths, the ground retains above all the heat derived from solar radiation and rainwater penetrated into the soil, this is the heat used by a domestic geothermal system.

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