Electric car with over 1600 km of autonomy

Electric car with over 1600 km of autonomy

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While the BMW and the Toyota they work to make one battery capable of giving a range of at least 500 kilometers, the car manufacturer Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. announced that it will soon launch aelectric car with autonomy of over 1,600 km. The news appeared in the British magazine MotorTrades Insight and reports that the car should reach the market by 2014.

There Liberty Electric Cars Ltd. is a rather young startup, it was born in 2007 and such an announcement leaves everyone stunned. That batteries will mount the Liberty vehicle? We know that reaching a similar range with lithium-ion batteries is almost impossible, alternatively we could talk about lithium-air or aluminum-lithium batteries.

The magazine reports that with a single charging, the Liberty Electric Cars electric car would be able to travel 1,607 kilometers. The car in question could upset the automotive sector by forcing a decrease in the prices of the models offered by the competition. Liberty Electric Cars Ltd did not wait for statements, the Gas2 portal reports what was said by the CEO Ian Hobday:

Our team of engineers has recently been involved with a new type of energy accumulator that would allow electric vehicles to reach the same range of autonomy - or even higher! - than that achieved with the most performing thermal engine cars ". That means a range of at least 300 miles (nearly 500km per charge), maybe even 500 miles (800km)… but talking about 1000 miles (1600km) seems over the top.

The prices foreseen for a car with such performances will certainly not be affordable. We just have to wait until next year to get more news about the power of the electric motor and the technology used for energy storage ... with such an autonomy the charging times will not be short at all!

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