Wind power

Wind power can cause large amounts of CO2 to be emitted

Wind power can cause large amounts of CO2 to be emitted

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We have already talked aboutpollution caused by wind turbines and according to some accounts, the benefits of wind giants far outweigh the negative impacts caused to the environment. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so, thewind energy continues to divide the environmental communities of the globe and today, new research comes from Scotland.

Apparently thewind energy it is not as innocent as many like to claim. The truthfulness of the research increases when you read the authors and the funders: the scientists from the University of Aberdeen are the authors of the study and the research was funded by a Scottish body that is clearly in favor ofwind power. If an organization pro-wind funds research that highlights the danger ofwind energy... there is something true.

Many researches analyze the carbon dioxide balance of the wind turbines. To take stock of CO2, the entire life cycle of the protagonist is analyzed, from production to commissioning, without excluding maintenance, dismantling and disposal. When it comes to wind power, the benefits outweigh the negative impacts but there is something else to consider: the land consumption.

THE wind farms they are usually set up in the locality of mountain, in areas where the wind blows strongly. L'wind power does not subtract land from agriculture as hypothesized for i solar panels but compromises the "peat bogs“.

The peat bogs they are real mines of CO2. They contribute to the fight against the climate change accumulating the Atmospheric CO2. The peat bogs they occupy a small part of the planet's surface and their drying up causes the emission of significant quantities of carbon. Usually, the peat bogs are destroyed to grow oil palms, paper trees and plants for biofuels but in Britain, the peat bogs are compromised in favor of the preparation of wind farms.

The peat bogs British stores at least 3.2 billion tons of carbon. It is the largest storage site in the UK and certainly one of the most important in the world. The wind farms and all ancillary structures (roads, control units and groomed tracks necessary for transporting the plant), damage the peat bog and are responsible for the loss of carbon from the soil with its release into the atmosphere in the form of CO2.

We must not generalize, thewind power is not harmful to the environment. With the data collected, to date, it is necessary to add to the preparation of a wind power plant a new compromise. THE wind farms newly built will have to be located in mountain areas where the winds blow. Mountain areas quite distant from inhabited centers, distant from the nesting sites of particular species flown and certainly should not be set up on the peat bogs.

Construction of a new wind farm, Kilgallioch, has been approved in southern Scotland, comprising 43 kilometers of roads and tracks. The park will be built on one peat bog causing damage to an important carbon sink. In cases like this thewind power damages theenvironment: Scotland has 15% of the world's bogs, so we must act with caution.

The problem does not arise in Italy where the peat bogs the mountain ones are relatively few and even rarer. Approximately 100,000 hectares of land are involved. Excluding these hectares, in Italy, the construction of wind farms can only have a positive impact on the environment.

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